New Website Launch

The new Club website has officially been launched.  We hope you like the site.  As we began the migration process, we discovered how much data we are actually missing from the various aircraft in the fleet.  While we are working hard to populate this missing data (see Coming Soon), you should have everything you need to get tons of information about your favorite aircraft.

Here are just some of the new features of the site.  We will be continuing to add aircraft data and documents as we are able to get them from the owners and populate them to the website.  Within the coming days/weeks, you will likely be asked to provide feedback about the site and include any additional features you would like to see.  Those will be reviewed and prioritized accordingly.

New Features

  • New Membership Sections and Social functions (Login -> My Account)
  • Member Article Submission (
  • Online Member Messaging
  • Online Membership Support (Chat & Call from the bottom left) 
  • Member Groups (
  • Fleet Search and Filtering (
  • Fleet Reviews (
  • Instructor Reviews
  • New Newsletters and Bi-Weekly Updates

Coming Soon

  • Shop Information Pages (w/Check Ride Logbook specific information)
  • Accident/Incident Reviews
  • Additional Aircraft Documents
  • Additional Schedule Master Integrations
  • Online Checkout Quizzes

We will be working to setup webinars and videos discussing the new features over the coming months.  Stay tuned.

Fly Safe,

Plus One Flyers Staff

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The SR 22T is the right plane for this kind of trip. With 3 POB and baggage, you can fly easy 2h30 min legs, which is just right for the passengers, und you are still in limits with the weight and having enough reserves, to reach an alternate. To fly to high altitude airports (or airports with high Density altitude) the turbo of this plane gives you always enough power, to ensure safe take off´s.

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