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Below are the most frequently asked questions.

You will need to upload the following at the end of your application:

  • Driver’s License
  • Pilot Certificate
  • Pilot Medical

To upload your latest Flight Review, Medical, CFI Certificate, etc.. you can click here or Navigate to Members -> Member Dashboard -> Document Upload.

From this link, click on “Reset Password” and following the emailed instructions.

You can request a password reset for Schedule Master here.  

This typically resolves 90% of the password issues with Schedule Master.  If you continue to have an issue logging in, please contact for further assistance.

Check the Authorized Instructor Page for information about how to become a club instructor.

Two conditions must exist for your name to appear in the Member Directory.  First, you must have a verified account.  You can have your account verified by clicking the gear icon under My Account, then Request Verification. 

Second, you must not have your “Hide my profile from directory set to yes.  This can be found by clicking on the gear icon -> My Account -> Privacy.

This is usually pretty easy.  Most of the time, if you just show up at the airport you’ve likely violated some rule.  But in case you are looking for a sure-fire way, you can bust Bravo airspace, Fly low over some surfers, or just fly under a bridge.  You may not want to try these things.

To receive a Palomar (CRQ) badge, you will need to contact for the forms and process used by the county to issue these badges.

Resigning from the club is easy. Once logged in, you can navigate to the Member Section -> Member Resignation or click here. Provided you have no balance, your account will be immediately closed and any schedules will be removed. On the resignation form, you can select the method of key return as well. Keys not returned within 30 days will be assessed a $10 fee.

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