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What makes a safe pilot?  Safety is an attitude, a mindset and a way of life.  Aviation is an inherently risky activity involving a variety of internal and external components.  Statistics show that an increase in frequency of incidents and accidents will follow with an increase in severity of incidents and accidents.  It is incumbent upon us as pilots, instructors, owners and board members to help facilitate a safe-flying club.  The goal of the safety program is education and transparency.  Similar to the Safety Management System concept, the Plus One Flyers Safety Program is modeled after this industry-accepted concept.

SMS (Safety Management System) is a generalized term used in many industries as a systematic approach to managing safety.  The FAA has adopted a clear idea of SMS broken down into four functional components.  The FAA describes SMS this way:

“The essential idea of any SMS — be it a product/service provider’s SMS or the SMS of the regulator responsible for safety oversight — is to provide for a systematic approach to achieving acceptable levels of safety risk. SMS is comprised of four functional components, including an intangible, but always critical, aspect called safety culture.”

The four components of a successful SMS Implementation include Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion.  The Plus One Flyers “SAFER Pilot” program encompasses all of these components.  SAFER is an acronym for Safe Attitudes to Facilitate Elimination of Risk which sums up the overall goal of our program.

The SAFER Pilot Program is the Plus One Flyers flagship model for managing a member’s safety and flight records during their membership in the Club.  The SAFER Pilot Program includes several components, which are all part of the adoption of a Safety Management System.

We have grouped these new programs into one of the four components of the SMS.

Thanks for being part of the best club in the nation.  Take a look at some safety-related articles below, including incident archives and statistics.

Shane Terpstra, Director of Safety

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Aviation General
Tim Riley

Fire Season is here!

If you have lived here long enough you have probably seen active brush fires in our region.

Aviation General
System Administrator

Forget the Checklist Already!

I recently sat in on the debrief from one of my student’s check rides. The Designated Examiner had overall positive things to say about the check ride, although there was a question of judgement for using me as her instructor.

Aviation General
System Administrator

Inoperative Instruments

Many pilots and flight instructors know about the temporary relief offered by FAR 91.213 in the event of inoperative equipment or instruments.

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