Accident/Incident Report - Next Steps

So you’ve bent some metal?!  First and foremost, the fact that you are reading this is a good thing.  That means you aren’t hurt, or at least, survived.  That is a lot better than some of the accidents I’ve been involved with.  Thank God for that! Part of my job includes taking you through the process to ensure you receive your due process.  That due process does take some time.  For now, here’s an idea of what you can expect:

  1. Per the bylaws (4.6), your membership is now suspended pending a reinstatement meeting.  Depending on the type of incident this was, the suspension can be anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.  If you have not heard back from the Director of Safety or a Senior Instructor within 24 hours, please reach out: so we can get things moving.
  2. Several parties work to get information, estimates, and data, to ensure we have all that we need to provide to the Board and Reinstatement Committee.  This process is sometimes quick, sometimes not so quick, depending on the severity of the damage.
  3. Once we have all of the necessary data, we schedule a reinstatement meeting.  That process typically only takes a few days.  NOTE:  The meeting may or may not be in person.
  4. Once the meeting is held, the committee may ask questions and attempt to gain clarification about the incident and the events leading up to it.  You will have a lot of opportunities to discuss the events with the committee.  That meeting and information contained therein is preivileged and not released to any third party.  The committee then determines the next course of action, which may include reinstatement, reinstatement with conditions, or a review by the entire Board of Directors.  While this is generally reserved for only the most expensive or severe accidents/incidents, there are occasions where the committee determines it is in the best interest of the Club to allow the Board to adjudicate the issue. 

The process can be slow.  I can assure you, it will be faster than the FAA investigation or the NTSB.  Read the following investigation process details so that you have an understanding of what happens next and how long it typically takes.

Investigation Process

  • Estimate or IDP Received (5-7 Days)
  • Reinstatement Committee Meeting Scheduled (7-10 Days)
  • Reinstatement Committee Determination (1 Day)
  • Investigation Completed (Start to finish is anywhere from a week to a month, rarely longer).

Should you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact me.

Until Then,

Shane Terpstra, Director of Safety