Authorized Instructors

All instructors authorized to instruct in Plus One Flyers are required to go through a checkout with a Senior Instructor and only authorized instructors can perform any instruction within club aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to, training, checkouts and flight reviews. Plus One Flyers has a large number of instructors with a varying degree of life and flying experience, which makes up an amazingly talented cadre of instructors. Plus One Flyers recognizes one instructor each month for their contributions to the club, members, instructions, and GA. That instructor is listed below. Feel free to reach out and discuss your next certificate or rating with them. These instructors are selected by the 12 Senior Instructors, Director of Safety, and club operations staff. This is a prestigious honor and requires a large degree of service and dedication. We recommend reaching out to these instructors with your training needs.

Only instructors on this list are currently authorized to instruct in Plus One Flyers aircraft.  To ensure you are covered by IDP, and Insurance please ensure your instructor maintains currency.  Ready to get a checkout?  Click the button below for the CFI Service Request.