Reservation Text Messages

The club has setup two notifications for your reservations to ensure that you have ample time to cancel or change your reservation if necessary. The first notification is sent 24 hours prior to the reservation and contains only general reservation data (seen below). If you need to cancel your reservation, you can log into Schedule Master and cancel.

The second notice is sent 60 minutes prior to departure. The message (below) contains more information, including weather, and the local airport gate code as well as the ability to dispatch or cancel the reservation right from your text message. One of three possible actions will occur after this 30 minute message. Those are listed below.

Option 1) If you respond with “dispatch” your flight will be dispatched and you will receive the following notifications:

Option 2) If you respond with “cancel” your flight will be canceled in Schedule Master and you will receive the following notification. NOTE: If your reservation is a lesson with an instructor, the entire lesson will be cancelled (aircraft and instructor).

Option 3) If you do not respond to the message, your flight will be automatically dispatched 15 minutes after your reservation starts. You will receive this message:

If you do not have an active reservation, you will receive the following notification:

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