Congratulate Royce on Earning His Private Pilot Certificate

Please join me in extending congratulations to Royce on his achievement!

Royce and I started working together last summer and his dedication and safety minded passion for aviation has kept him progressing through all of his milestones. Prior to taking flight Royce’s history in racing and instructing experiences in cars equipped him with valuable skills and instincts that have translated seamlessly into the world of aviation.

As Royce embarks on this exciting new chapter of his aviation journey he looks forward to many years of safe aviating. His achievement not only reflects his personal commitment but also enriches our club’s community spirit.

Congratulations Royce!

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The SR 22T is the right plane for this kind of trip. With 3 POB and baggage, you can fly easy 2h30 min legs, which is just right for the passengers, und you are still in limits with the weight and having enough reserves, to reach an alternate. To fly to high altitude airports (or airports with high Density altitude) the turbo of this plane gives you always enough power, to ensure safe take off´s.

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