Let’s Go Flying: Kern Valley (L05)!
Let’s Go Flying, Camping, and Rafting in Kern Valley!
This trip is an annual favorite and this year should be the best one yet as far as conditions on the river.
If you’re unfamiliar with how this works, it’s pretty simple… book a plane and show up! There is an onsite campground and even warm showers. Plenty of outdoor activities around such as rafting, biking, fishing, and hiking, to name a few.
Several of us will be doing the 12:30pm Lower Kern Half Day Class 2-3 trip from Sierra South (https://www.sierrasouth.com/rafting/). Reservations are required, you can book directly with them. Tell them you’re with the ‘Plus One Flyers’ group.

This is a fun continuous trip with several exciting rapids but without any real risk of getting into serious trouble. Since we are within 30 days there are no refunds, be prepared to make that drive if you are unable to get out of San Diego due to weather. (If you are looking for more excitement, I’ve done the Lower Kern Class IV before and it was definitely exciting. Especially the part where our boat got dumped and we floated down a few rapids by ourselves. I would still do it again, but make sure you’re a strong swimmer!)
If you’ve never been to this airport before, it would be a great idea to talk to someone who has or even better to go with someone that has, as it is located in a valley, the pattern is therefore tight and it can get tricky, especially if the winds pick up. Bakersfield is a good alternate if weather is beyond your comfort zone, as you can normally rent a car from there and drive the rest of the way in, so don’t force it!
Please add yourself and your crew to the Google Sheets roster, just so I can know who to expect and who to reach out to about more details, etc.:
Every plane can set their own departure times and days based on personal preference and weather. You can stay for 2 nights, 1 night, or even make it a long day trip. The airport is not lit, so keep that in mind.
Hope to see many of you out there, if you have any questions you can reach out directly to myself, you can get my info from ScheduleMaster.
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