Currency Enforcement and External Hours

Beginning in January, 2023, Schedule Master will begin to enforce the currency requirements defined by the Plus One Flyers Operational Rules. While currency screens have appeared in various areas of Schedule Master for at least a couple years, they have up until now been advisory only. What does this mean to me?

When making a reservation, the system will look back at your rental history to determine whether you meet the Ops Rules requirements for that aircraft. For a majority of club aircraft, that currency equates to 1.0 hours in the preceding 365 days. There are also several “compatible” aircraft that will count for other aircraft.

For Example: All Cessna 172’s require 1 hour in the preceding 365 days. If you have flown in a Cirrus SR-22 but not in the Cessna 172, the system recognizes that you are current in the Cessnas because of your time in a like aircraft.

Why 365 days? This follows the club’s annual flight review requirement and it makes sense that you would have flown in some aircraft within the preceding 365 days and based on that, we set those aircraft at the 365 day threshold. What about other aircraft? There are some aircraft, including tailwheel, complex, G1000, and a few others, that have specific requirements. Those requirements are all built into the system with their “compatible” aircraft. The SR-22, for example, requires a 90 day currency. Currency in the SR-22 counts toward SR-20 currency as well as Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee aircraft.

The bottom line is that most of you will likely not be affected by this change. There are some of you that do fly aircraft outside of the club and we have also taken this into consideration with the addition of the “External Hours” option in Schedule Master. To access and enter external hours, you can click on My Account -> My External Hours (See below screen).

Once you are in this screen, you will see the following. You can enter the information needed here. This is a self-explanatory screen. You don’t have to enter all of your external hours, only those needed to meet a currency requirement. For example, if the system says you are not current in a complex aircraft but you fly for the airlines or corporate, you can enter your last flight in this screen. Since it is likely a MEL-RG, once approved you will see that your currency has been updated and you will be allowed to schedule.

To see the currency for all of your approved aircraft, you can again click on My Account -> and My Currency/Rental History where you will see this screen.

If you have any questions, you can contact and we can direct your question to the appropriate person.

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