In June, 2022, two friends of mine and I flew a coast to coast trip with 237RJ. We planned high altitude flying in the Rockies, and going to KALM in the desert near white sands Nat´l. park. So we needed a turbo-aircraft , to fly that routing. With the SR22T, we found the perfect plane for that in the club.

So we departed MYF, overflew the Grand Canyon and landed in PGA (fuel stop). Thereafter, we departed towards the Rocky Mountains, and landed at LXV – North America´s highest airport (9.934 ft). From there we went via OMA and 35D to IAG and visited the beautiful Niagara falls. Then we flew to New York and after a thrilling flight over the Hudson River (at 1,100ft we passed the Statue of Liberty) we landed at TEB airport, and visited the “Big Apple” the next 3 days.

After that, we flew via UKF to DTS in Florida, to relax at the beautiful beaches of Destin. From there, we went to the west, passing  IER and ABI (fuel stops) and landed finally in ALM, where we visited White Sand´s Nat´l Park.

Finally we flew via CHD back to MYF

The beautiful trip ended after 4,613 NM, our max. reached altitude (in the Rockies) were 15,500 ft (we used on board Oxygen of course), and we reached a top GS of 230 kts.

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