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The Rotating Beacon is a safety related newsletter put out by Shane Terpstra, Plus One Flyer's Safety Officer. August 2014 Rotating Beacon Greetings Plus One Flyers! Summer is finally here in SoCal and the weather is shaping up pretty well every day. I've been able to get a few early morning and late evening flights in without worrying about the marine layer finally. There was some interesting weather last week with the thunderstorms along the coast and a few in East County which reminded me the importance of making sure you have all available information before departing. Looking at the…
Few things get my blood pressure up but pilot preventable issues keep me up at night.
You: What does it take to be a proficient pilot?
No one is watching! C.S. Lewis once said "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." I think the same thing can be said for safety. Last week I wrote about checklist usage. This week is a quick follow-up to that article, specifically relating to checklist usage when flying Solo.

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