Club Safety Statistics

Safety is preeminent among every pilot to some degree.  This page is meant to provide transparency to the membership about incidents and accidents within the club.  This is my favorite page.  Not because of the fact that there are more than zero incidents but because there is an amazing amount of information and data we can glean from these resources.   The NTSB Accident Search button below allows you to search on any accident of your choosing as well as providing a variety of parameters to search on.  NTSB reports are some of the most complete available.  They are typically substantially more informative than the FAA reports.  

Investigations are handed off to the FAA for a variety of reasons but generally if the accident is not severe enough or if the NTSB does not have the resources available to investigate, they will hand off to the FAA.  Historically, Plus One Flyers has had few incidents/accidents investigated by the NTSB.  The NTSB has an excellent newsletter, called the “Callback” that takes information submitted on NASA (ASRS) reports and puts them into a newsletter based on the category of the month.  Click here to subscribe.

Club Accident Statistics

Below you will find the accident/incident statistics for last year.  These statistics also offer a comparison to overall GA accident statistics.

  • NTSB/FAA Definable Accidents (Total Number)
  • Other Incidents (with a defined value for repair)

Safety Concern Reports

The CFI and student were observed pushing down on the tail of the aircraft in order to push it back into its parking space. The student had a towbar in his hand. In addition, there were numerous parked aircraft nearby that have working towbars.

Whoever was flying N210BX around 2pm today got my attention by doing a 90° bank to turn along the coast after passing the beach right over La Jolla Shores. And they came buzzing back down about half a mile off the coast at, I’d guess, 200 feet. I took a screenshot of flight radar 24 as they passed the Cove.

Club NTSB Accident Reports

Below are links to NTSB reports from club accidents, investigated by the NTSB or FAA, going back ten years.

Nall Report(s)

The Nall Report is the gold standard for accident reporting in General Aviation.  Using the link below, you can search the database by year, including preliminary data for non-office years.  Typically these reports take two years to compile before they become official.

AOPA State of GA (2019)

The AOPA Report on the State of General Aviation is a great “30,000′ View” of GA.  They include a lot of good data, including airmen data, certificate data, operational information, and more.  Click below to get the PDF report to the most recent report.

FAA Accident Data



Accident Case Studies by ASI