N74199 – Piper Aztec (PA23)
This Piper Aztec Will Haul 6 People Plus Baggage at 170 knots.
Hourly Rate (Wet): $315.00/hr
Horsepower: 250 hp
Fuel Capacity: 140 gal
Useful Load: 2000 lbs
Tiedown Spot: 108

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Owner Information
Barry Knuttlia (manager) | (619) 840-5799
Shop Information
Advanced Aircraft | (858) 560-7599
Aircraft Status

This Piper Aztec Will Haul 6 People Plus Baggage at 170 knots. If you need a true six person+baggage airplane that can buzz along easily at 170 knots TAS, this is your bird. You will have a useful load of 2000 pounds and a payload with full tanks of 1100 pounds. This airplane can really haul a load! Avionics include a Garmin 530 with weather subscription, autopilot and a six place stereo intercom. Check out the cockpit pictures in the gallery.

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