N626FT – Grumman Tiger
It is a great X-C aircraft and will cruise at speeds near that of a straight leg 182!
Hourly Rate (Wet): $155.00/hr
Horsepower: 180 hp
Fuel Capacity: 51 gal
Useful Load: 915 lbs
Tiedown Spot: 48

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Owner Information
Alireza Alivandivafa | (310) 310-4069
Shop Information
Spiders Aviation | (858) 412-4490
Aircraft Status


Tiger now at MYF!  A new addition to the club is a 1991 AG-5B Tiger.  The aircraft is IFR certified and is equipped with AuCountry’s Jaguar Cowling including the AG-5B inlet STC, and a Powerflow exhaust which provides more power than the stock AG-5Bs.  The engine is new and has been port/polished and flow matched at Lycon Engines in Visalia,CA.  It is a great X-C aircraft and will cruise at speeds near that of a straight leg 182! 

Avionics include a GTN 650 WAAS NAV1/COMM1, GNS 430 WAAS NAV2/COMM2 both with LOC/GS GI-106A heads, an STEC-30 two-axis A/P with altitude hold, GTX-330 ADS-B transponder with Traffic, JPI-800 Engine Monitor with Fuel Flow Option, Digital Tachometer, and a new 406MHz ELT.. The plane also has GPS Steering available when the A/P is coupled to the GTN 650.

Documents for download:

Keys and aircraft book at located at Gibbs desk. 

Checkout & Documents

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