N9687J – Gear damage at KSNA
N9687J - Accident

Investigation Status

Safety Investigation Completed

Membership Status


NTSB Number



Damage Photos




Pilot Certificate


Total Time

250 Hours

METAR Data (If Available)

KSNA 281853Z VRB04KT 10SM CLR 28/01 A3014 RMK A02 SLP206 T02780006

Approximate Damage

$ 36000

Pilot Report

I was acting as pilot-in-command while seated in the left-front seat of Plus One Flyers (POF) club aircraft N9687J. I was accompanied by passenger, friend, and fellow pilot xxxxxxx who was seated in the right-front seat. The weather was clear, visibility of 10 miles, and variable wind at 4 knots. Our aircraft was on a stabilized approach for John Wayne Airport, runway 20L, as indicated by the two red and two white precision approach path indicator lights that were illuminated during the entire final leg. During that approach, I observed a passenger airline jet on taxiway L, holding short of runway 20R. As our aircraft passed to the left and just above the jet, I felt a sudden, tremendous, simultaneously lateral as well as downward force that abruptly pulled our aircraft to the ground. I applied our aircraft’s brakes, exited the runway via a left turn onto taxiway J, at which time the controller cleared us directly to ACI Jet. During taxiing, I observed no discernible change in the aircraft’s sound, controllability or handling characteristics. Nevertheless once parked and shutdown, xxxx and I exited and inspected the aircraft. We observed that the right main strut appeared to be bent outward, presumably due to the forceful landing. We observed no other damage. We photographed the aircraft from multiple angles, and began the incident reporting procedure, beginning with both a voicemail and email sent to POF Operations Officer John Eby at 1300 hours, followed by a brief phone conversation with owner Emerson Reis detailing the incident, and ending with a voicemail sent to Safety Officer Shane Terpstra.

Passenger/Witness Report

While on final approach to runway 20L at KSNA, just before touch down, N9687J was slammed onto the runway likely by jet blast form a B737 that spooled up its engines while holding short of runway 20R on taxiway Lima. The approach was stabilized and the airplane was on the glidepath the entire way based on the observations of the PAPI. Winds were calm and the approach was never destabilized. After touchdown, no noticeable damage was observed and the flying pilot and PIC did not report any abnormalities with the airplane’s handling or systems. The PIC taxied to the FBO (ACI Jets) and upon parking and shutting down the engine, we both conducted a post-flight inspection at which time we noticed the right main strut was bent sideways and a small amount of hydraulic fluid was also observed on the wheel pant. No other damaged was noticed on any structures. We inspected the wings, tires, other struts, etc. We contacted the airplane owner and club official as directed by the airplane’s binder. It was determined by Gibbs Maintenance that the plane should not be flown back until a complete inspection was conducted by an AP mechanic.

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NTSB Report

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