N9285H – Cessna Skyhawk (C172M)

Clean 172 at CRQ

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


180 hp
Fuel Capacity:
64 gal
Useful Load:

1064 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
Orion Ramp (Plus One Flyers)
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Exterior Appearance:
Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

180hp Cessna 172M highly upgraded with Powerflow Exhaust, Dual Garmin G5’s, Garmin GTN750 Touch Screen GPS/Comm/Nav, Stec55X Autopilot w/Alt. Hold & Vertical Speed Mode, Increased Gross Weight to 2550lbs (Useful Load of 1065lbs), Vortex Generators, Fuel Flow Gauge, Long Range Tanks (Tip tanks, totaling 66 gallons, 64 usable), New Windows, Very Clean Interior. Fast cruise (from upgraded 180hp engine, Powerflow exhaust, and wheel pants), big payload, and great avionics; Perfect all-around 172.
Empty Weight: 1,485 lbs.
Useful Load: 1,065 lbs.
MTOW: 2550lbs. (250lbs. Upgrade from standard gross weight)

#1 Comm/Nav: Garmin GTN750 WAAS
#2 Comm/Nav: King KX155
Stec 55X Autopilot w/alt. hold, vertical speed control, and altitude pre-select
Transponder: GTX345 ADS-b in & out
(2) Garmin G5’s – AI & HSI
KMA24 Intercom
Electronics International FP-5 Fuel Flow Gauge
Electronics International EGT Gauge

Miscellaneous Equipment/Upgrades:
Gross Weight Increase to 2550lbs. (1,065lbs. Useful load)
Carry (4) 180lbs. adults + 55 gallons of fuel and still be under gross weight!
Flint Tip Tanks/Long Range Fuel (42 gallon mains, 24 in tips: 66 total gallons)
Power Flow Tuned Exhaust (adds ~5kts. to cruise, increase climb rate ~200fpm)
CO2 Carbon Monoxide detector
Wing Tip Landing Lights (extra bright LED bulbs)

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Checkout Requirements

Student or Higher Certificate
Satisfactory Checkout from an Authorized Club Instructor

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Student Solo
Foreign Pilot
Authorized Instructor

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