N81916 – Piper Warrior (PA28-161)
This aircraft is the perfect trainer for private and instrument ratings.
Hourly Rate (Wet): $125.00/hr
Horsepower: 160 hp
Fuel Capacity: 48 gal
Useful Load: 901 lbs
Tiedown Spot: 36

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Owner Information
Roland Giron | (745) 657-7009
Shop Information
Advanced Aircraft |(858) 560-7599
Aircraft Status

N81916 had a new panel upgrade in 2020. It doesn’t require a vacuum pump anymore. With dual G5’s, this PA28 offers reversionary display capability plus the added redundancy of dual ADAHRS and dual backup batteries.

A Garmin GTX345 transponder is installed for your ADSB-In & Out requirements, providing traffic and stream weather.

This aircraft also has dual GPS, the primary is a GTN650 which is connected to the G5/HSI, it also gives you connectivity to your iPad or Tablet via blue-tooth. The secondary GPS is a conventional GNS430 for those who are familiar with older equipment.

The audio panel is a GMA345, which has blue-tooth connectivity, listen to music while you are in a cross-country.

This aircraft is the perfect trainer for private and instrument ratings. It has a strong engine with Millennium cylinders, well rigged, very stable and easy to fly.

Come and enjoy the best equipped PA28 in the club.

All documents can be found under http://www.n81916.com.

Checkout & Documents

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