N7646G – Cessna Skyhawk (172L)

New to SEE
7646G 2

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


160 hp
Fuel Capacity:
40 gal
Useful Load:

876 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
Base of the SEE tower.
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Exterior Appearance:
Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

New to SEE is N7646G

New to Gillispie and parking next to it’s sister N20392 this plane should be a good addition to the fleet.I will be pricing it at $ 134 per hour for more value for it’s renters, It will be in parking spot #14
Yes, mainly steam gauges compared to other 172s, but with a Garmin 430 updated monthly, and a  Appareo Stratus EGS ADSB  IN / OUT  bluetooth transponder,it is a full IFR and VFR trainer that gets the job done.  Waxed and shiny, clean bird, come check it out.
MAINTENANCE is done by Branden Brown at the 2nd hanger to the left you see when standing behind and looking north, if a problem  comes  up walk over  to him on weekdays and he usually will be able to help you right away,his phone number is 808 937 7643     FUEL is from Golden State at 619 449 0611
Its sister ship is located right next store in parking spot #20, N20392, Enjoy
My cell is 760-419-7193, Kristoffer.
Looking for good instructors out of SEE that I can pair up with students.
Spot #14

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