N210BX – Cessna Centurion (210L)

Cirrus Killer? Not quite but pretty darn close at substantially less money. This airplane gets up and goes, it is extremely fun to fly, and is a perfect platform for building complex time while also being able to load up your entire family of six, camping equipment, generator, and probably a smart car. Get your checkout and get gone.
N210BX - Cover

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


300 hp
Fuel Capacity:
89 gal
Useful Load:

1472 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
Member Ratings
Overall Rating:
Exterior Appearance:
Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

The following are links to videos and tutorials for G3X, GTN 750xi and the GFC500 Auto Pilot. To view any of the following, copy and paste the URL to Google Chrome or YouTube.



Videos listed are in order of their relative substance and application to N210BX. Since these are general in nature, there may be minor differences in equipment.   

YouTube video
Blue Skies Aviation Academy – flight club. Very good  video showing the basics of the G3X
YouTube video
Garmin Tutorial – Power point presentation addressing the fundamentals of the G3X
YouTube video
Airborne flight using the G3x
YouTube video
Airborne flying and IFR approaches.
YouTube video
GFC 500 Autopilot

GTN 750 txi 

GTN750 Simulator – On your IPad, search for the GTN750 App. This is an interactive simulator that replicates the operation of the GTN750txi very well.

YouTube video
Tutorial by Garmin
YouTube video
Short introduction by King schools


Garmin GTN750xi:

Pilot’s Manual -This is the link to the  “Pilots Guide” for the GTN750xi, however, it’s  over 500 pages. You can download the PDF file per below.

GFC 500 Pilot’s Manual

Owner-Supplied Documents

Checkout Requirements

Private or Higher Certificate
150 Hours Total Time
25 Hours Complex
Satisfactory Checkout with an Authorized Club Instructor

Avionics Documents

Engine Monitor:

Member Comments

Photo Gallery

Authorized Instructors

**NOTE:  Basic training aircraft are available to all authorized Club Instructors and no list will appear here.

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