756RA – Prop Strike

Incident Type

Minor Incident

Investigation Status

Transferred to Reinstatement Committee

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Pilot Certificate


Total Time

380 Hours

Time in Make/Model


Time in last 30 days


Approximate Damage

$ 25000

METAR Data (If Available)

KOAK 211953Z 19006KT 10SM SCT150 BKN200 15/07 A3019 RMK AO2 SLP222 T01500072

Pilot Report

Departed MYF at approx. 0930 PST for OAK. Weather briefing METAR on departure was calm winds but TAF had predicted crosswinds up to 20kts by 1400 ATIS on arrival to terminal area said wind 200/09 but some low level wind shear reported. OAK was landing 28R / 28L, so this was setup to be a quartering tailwind landing. I was setup to land with 10’ flaps and on short final was doing about 90 kts. On 1 mile short final, wind check with tower was 190/10. Over the numbers I deployed full flaps and touched down at around 70 kts. I was honestly pleased with the setup and felt fully stabilized to make the landing safely and expected to use a lot of the 5500’ runway to slow down. We touched down at the markers and started the ground roll without any problems. With 3 wheels down, flaps still deployed, prop idle, I felt a gust from the left rear which I believed was “weather vaning” the plane to the left and so I put in right rudder and had the controls down and away (full forward and turning to the right). I had not applied any brakes yet. The plane briefly tipped up so that the left main was no longer in contact with the runway and the plane was rolling on the nose and right main only. I was concerned/scared that the plane was going to tip over. At this point the prop made contact with the runway surface briefly. I estimate that we were doing between 40-50 kts. The plane righted itself on the centerline and we were able to taxi off at Juliet and go to Signature without further incident. Thoughts/reflections: Should I have deployed full flaps or just landed with 10’? Should I have asked the tower for return to the pattern and land Rwy 10 (better with wind direction) I do not think a “go round” was feasible as I was already on the ground and decelerating when the plane tipped to the right. Application of power would probably not been beneficial at this point.

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Reinstatement Recommendation - Member

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Andy Coy
Andy is an active pilot and was working on his instrument rating prior to the incident. He had a check ride scheduled for a few days after the incident. Most of his training within the previous 30 days was in a 172 leading up to the instrument check ride. While Andy does fly a lot, he has been moving between numerous aircraft to get checkouts, presumably to have more access to aircraft. I think that this activity is detrimental to low time pilots and likely did not help in this situation. Flying multiple aircraft with multiple configurations, airspeeds, systems, etc.. require an intimate knowledge of the aircraft to ensure a flight can be continued safely, especially in landing situations that cause wind to be a factor. While I think he should be reinstated, he should also be sent to a senior instructor or myself to find 2-3 aircraft to stick with for at least the next 6-12 months. Constant moving between aircraft will almost certainly cause additional incidents.

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This incident has been closed.

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