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Incident Type

Minor Incident

Investigation Status

Incident Reported

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NTSB Number



Tail No.


Pilot Certificate


Total Time

40 Hours

Time in Make/Model


Time in last 30 days


Approximate Damage

$ 162000

METAR Data (If Available)

METAR KMYF 192016Z 23011KT 10SM BKN029 24/15 A2993 RMK AO2 T02440150

Damage Photos

Pilot Report

Lost control on landing

Passenger/Witness Report

Please see the attached communication that I had with my student, Ozcan Ozturk, leading up to his solo flight on 09/19.

He had sent me the email with his proposed solo activities on Sunday. He texted me this morning prior to his departure; my response was at 1020 this morning.

He had not informed me about switching the airplane to 5208D or the departure time to 1100.

Additional Information

ATC Audio

FlightAware Track

NTSB Report

Coming Soon

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Reinstatement Recommendation - Member

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Ozcan Ozturk

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Reinstatement Vote - Instructor

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