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Managing Startle Response

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 20:04 Written by 
If you've seen the new ACS (Airmen Certification Standards) which will soon be replacing the Practical Test Standards, you may have noticed a new format for training and evaluating students. It focuses on three things: What a student must Know, Do, and Consider (as in Risk Management).
Under the area of Risk Management for the Emergency Approach and Landing, it lists "Managing startle response". Evidently this is an element the FAA wants us CFI's to address in training, and it will be included on checkrides. What is "startle response"? Why is it important to manage it? And how can it be managed?

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  • Nice insight and thanks for the great info. On quiet days at Brown Field, proficient pilots or instructor/students can try a failed engine failure on takeoff. Bow tie it back and find your safe AGL altitude for that turn around (get tower permission first) :p.

    from Del Mar, CA, USA

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