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11 Sep Posted by:

Need a new interior for a 172

Fellow Owners:

I am in dire need of a new interior for a 172 and was hoping to get some recommendations.  Has anyone had any good work done on their aircraft interior locally that they believed was worthy of a recommendation?   I've heard good and bad and would like to know your experiences.  Please contact me off topic if you prefer at business@plusoneflyers.org

09 Sep Posted by:

N91712 - Engine replacement scheduled (finally!)

All Ramona Flyers:

Please be advised that the new engine for N91712 has arrived from Lycoming.  The original plan was to bring the aircraft down for maintenance this week but due to the workload of the shop, it is more prudent to schedule it for next week when a "full court press" can be done on this task.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



L Massaro 858 354 9964


22 Aug Posted by:

1784R has a new panel

N1784RG is now back on-line with a new panel, replacing the previous one that had broken plastic, and non-functioning post lights.  The new panel is a clean, powder-coated grey, with a look similar to some newer Cessnas, crisp and clean, readable legends and placards, and ring lights on all the flight and larger engine instruments.  There are now four controllable lighting areas,

  • Flight instruments (labelled Post),
  • Engine/Radios,
  • Cabin and glare shield red lights (labelled Flood), and
  • A cool white/green strip light below the glare shield (labelled EL Panel)

The plane should be a pleasure to fly at night with excellent, adjustable light levels to fit every pilot's desire.

23 Mar Posted by:

Describe my Plane!

With the new website, it's important for owners to be able to utilize the features to the fullest extent possible.  In this article, we will look at what can and can't be done on your aircraft's web site, as well as how to maximize its benefit and use.