N9242H – Cessna Skyhawk (172M)

N9242H is a fully refurbished 172 with modern touch screen glass avionics and a digital autopilot. It has modern wheel pants and is both fast and light. With the all glass panel IFR feels like cheating. It qualifies as a TAA so it can be used for getting your commercial. Logs are clean and well organized for easy checkrides.

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


160 hp
Fuel Capacity:
40 gal
Useful Load:

837 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
Gibbs Spot 37
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Overall Rating:
Exterior Appearance:
Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

Beautiful 172 with all glass touch screen avionics.
And GFC-500 autopilot with electric trim.

Ignition Key is in the Binder. (Club key fits in the switch, but does not work)

Flying at night:
I’ve never been 100% happy with the G3x brightness. at night,so I usually put it in manual.
Please try to remember to put it back in auto otherwise the next daylight flyer will squack the display is too dim.
If you show up for daytime flight and main screen is dim, this is what happened.
It can be really hard to fix in bright daylight as you can’t see the selections on the screen and need to shade the display to see to change the settings.

Owner-Supplied Documents

Checkout Requirements

Student or Greater Certificate
Satisfactory checkout by an authorized club instructor.

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