N8333P – Piper Comanche (PA-24-250)

Nice clean high performance aircraft based at Montgomery Field, equipped with a full Garmin stack including GI-275 AI and HSI GI-275 Engine Monitor GI - 375 GPS GI- 255 Comm KN-155 Comm #2 GCF - 500 Autopilot

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


250 hp
Fuel Capacity:
86 gal
Useful Load:

1034 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
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Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

N8333P is perfect for cross-country flying with a comfortable and intuitive cockpit alongside newly installed advanced avionics. This 250HP Comanche with a recent avionics overhaul makes flying a more enjoyable experience. The three brand-new Gi275s acting as attitude indicator, HSI, and EIS centralize a pilot’s scan and make it easy to understand where you are and where you’re going. A newly installed GFC500 autopilot coupled with the Gi275s allows for an advanced autopilot that significantly decreases workload when you need it most. The GNX 375 with WAAS GPS and ADS-B in/out capabilities with a touch screen and wireless flight plan transferring eliminate endless knob turning to input flight plans. This coupled with GNC 255A NAV/COMM which automatically displays navaid and airport identifiers, and advanced standby monitoring makes N8333P a cross country flyer’s best friend. For the enjoyment of pilots and passengers alike the GMA 345 with Bluetooth connectivity brings home-theater-quality sound into the cockpit with separate music volume knobs for pilot and crew. With trim and autopilot toggle button mounted on the yoke, everything you need to fly efficiently and safely is right where you need it.

For comfort, this Comanche’s soft leather seats pay off on those particularly longer cross-country flights. Along with leather seats, window curtains can block out the sun for passengers fighting glare or looking for a little shade on a hot day. Along with comfort N8333P has many safety features that provide peace of mind for pilots and passengers alike. Built into the GFC500 autopilot comes safety features such as auto-level capabilities and the go-around/missed approach button. The GFC500 while engaged will not allow the plane to stall due to over rotation, increasing the redundancy of safety onboard. The cooperation of the cockpit instruments allows for traffic notifications to display not only on the GPS but on the Gi275 attitude indicator as well helping to identify and avoid traffic.

Whether you are looking to make a trip up the California coast, explore new airports, or take friends or family up for a weekend getaway N8333P—with its advanced avionics and comfortable cockpit—makes for a fast, safe, and enjoyable cross-country plane for whatever your needs are.

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Checkout Requirements

Private or Higher Certificate
150 Hours Total Time
25 Complex Time (In lieu of 25 hours complex, 10 hours in Make/Model is acceptable.)
Satisfactory Checkout with an Authorized Club Instructor

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