N734NK – Cessna Skyhawk (172N)

Get your best "ARGH" ready when flying this airplane. The affectionately known "Pirate Ship" is one of the best 172's in the Plus One Flyers fleet. A great curb appeal with the black and white pirate paint job as well as an upgraded and modern avionics stack, this airplane will be sure to turn heads when you arrive in your pirate costume to your favorite airport. If you wear an eye patch, make sure you update your FAA medical.

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


180 hp
Fuel Capacity:
40 gal
Useful Load:

1046 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
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Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

N734NK is a 180HP C172N with a power flow exhaust. This combined with numerous speed mods like flap gap seals, etc. might make this the fastest 172 in our fleet. It’s a great cross country plane and IFR trainer, equipped with a Garmin GTN650 with WAAS and traffic. Flightstream 510. Dual Garmin G5s, 1,050 lbs useful load will carry 4 people with ease. New JPI 730 engine monitor, digital fuel flow, dual NAV/COM (with dual Glideslope), Rosen sun visors and a 4 seat intercom makes this plane even better. The LED landing light helps you grease your night landings.

Come out to Gillespie and fly the Pirate Ship!

All aircraft documents and checklists available at: www.takeflightsandiego.com/resources

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Checkout Requirements

Student Pilot or Higher Certificate
Satisfactory Checkout with an Authorized Club Instructor

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