734NK – Prop Strike

Incident Type

Minor Incident

Investigation Status

Incident Reported

Membership Status


NTSB Number



Damage Photos


Tail No.


Pilot Certificate


Total Time

35 Hours

Time in Make/Model


Time in last 30 days


Approximate Damage

$ 25000

METAR Data (If Available)

METAR KSBD 191852Z 23003KT 3SM HZ CLR 22/11 A2990

Pilot Report

Turbulence, landed too fast and hard. Ballooned and slammed into ground hitting the prop. Should have gone around.

Passenger/Witness Report

Additional Information

ATC Audio

NTSB Report

Coming Soon

Eyewitness Video

Board Files (Password Required)

Additional Narrative


Reinstatement Recommendation - Member

Member Name:

James Felix
After all of the information I received regarding this accident, it is clear that the student pilot had a strong desire to make this flight before leaving town. There were many gates that should have stopped the student from continuing, including his conversation with his instructor in which he did not wait for the instructor to get back, the student bypassed Schedule Master’s solo restrictions (which we had only added in the past 8 months) to add the instructor in order to make the reservation and a lack of quality flight planning (reference the ForeFlight map vs the Flight Plan). The student continued the flight without regard for the risk involved of not being properly instructed on additional airports shows a willful disregard for any rules or regulations. The flight was a clear violation of FAR 61.89(a)(4) and potentially (a)(3) and (a)(2). Additionally, the flight was an egregious violation of 61.93(b), (c), and (d). I recommend the student pilot’s membership be terminated.

Reinstatement Vote - Member

Reinstatement Recommendation - Instructor

Instructor Name:

I spoke to the instructor by phone immediately after the incident, by email a couple weeks later, and in person on 17 June. The information presented has not changed and, with exception of his answering of his phone while taxiing, I don’t see any reason this instructor needs any action taken. I have counseled him on better ways to handle student pilots with regards to a clear understanding of what can and can’t be done.

Reinstatement Vote - Instructor

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