N7145P – Piper Comanche (PA-24-250)

The Piper Comanche combines speed, comfort, and advanced avionics without breaking the bank.

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


250 hp
Fuel Capacity:
90 gal
Useful Load:

1170 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
Gibbs Spot 67
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Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

This quiet and fast Comanche is equipped with a Garmin GTN 650 WAAS GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD with 4.9″ Touchscreen. The transponder is a Garmin GTX 327 that can also be programmed from the GTN 650. For your ADS-B out and in data, the airplane is equipped with a Garmin GDL 88 UAT transceiver. You will receive traffic information and alerting. For your convenience, the airplane is also equipped with the Garmin Flight Stream 210, which enables traffic and weather from your avionics to be viewed on your portable device, allows you to easily load flight plans – including airways – from your compatible mobile app to your GTN, providing GPS location and AHRS backup attitude information. For your comfort during cross-country flights, this Comanche offers the S-Tec System 30 Autopilot. The System 30 is a pure rate autopilot which uses an inclined rate gyro in the Turn Coordinator instrument as the primary roll and turn rate sensor. As pitch rate sensors, the System 30 uses an accelerometer and an absolute pressure transducer. The heading bug of the 3″ Air Driven Directional Gyro (DG) will provide directional information to the autopilot. To maintain a desired altitude, you just need to press the altitude hold button on the LH yoke; then the accelerometer and the pressure transducer will provide pitch axis control. If you choose heading mode (HD on the turn coordinator), you can easily adjust your course by turning the heading bug of the Garmin G5 EFIS DG/HSI to the correspondent heading. The audio panel is a Bendix/King KMA 24, which will put complete, flexible audio control right at your fingertips. The KMA 24 provides transceiver and receiver outputs to speakers or headphones or both. This KMA 24 has a built-in crystal controlled superheterodyne marker beacon receiver with a three-light display. To allow clear communication with the copilot and rear passengers, the Comanche offers the PM1000II Intercom. It is a 4-place, panel-mounted intercom with individual volume and squelch controls for the pilot and co-pilot. Only the person who presses the PTT will be heard on the radio. But if pilot and copilot press the PTT simultaneously, the copilot will override, which is ideally suited for training environments. This Comanche is a great cross-country airplane which can comfortably accommodate four people. Due to its complexity, the Comanche is not intended to be a trainer, but it provides an outstanding platform for your high-performance and complex endorsements. The engine provides a 250 horsepower output, through its powerful Lycoming O-540-A1D5, which has repeatedly demonstrated excellent compression rates during annual inspections. To reduce noise and vibration during your flight, this Comanche recently received a 3-blade McCauley propeller assembly. During its installation, the engine had to be removed and brand new engine mounts installed. Compared to other Comanches, you will be surprised with low level of vibration and noise that this alteration provided to N7145P. Come and enjoy one of the fastest, smoothest and quietest high-performance and complex airplane in the Club’s fleet. Documents and other information can be found here: http://www.n7145p.us. This Piper Comanche combines speed, comfort and advanced avionics without breaking the bank.

Owner-Supplied Documents

Checkout Requirements

Private or Higher Certificate
150 Hours Total Time / 25 Complex Time*
Satisfactory Checkout with an Authorized Club Instructor

NOTE: In lieu of 25 hours complex, 10 hours in Make/Model is acceptable.

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