N5291E – Cessna 172N
N5291E is a 1979 Cessna 172N with 180hp (O-360 A4M) conversion for strong performance and load-carrying capability.
Hourly Rate (Wet): $130/hr
Horsepower: 180 hp
Useful Load: 1029 lbs


Denis Breslin | (619) 980-8941



N5291E is a 1979 Cessna 172N with 180hp (O-360 A4M) conversion for strong performance and load-carrying capability.

91E is a great flying aircraft with a nice interior and excellent panel. It has been used for FAR 141 training at the San Diego Christian College aviation degree program and is now available to Plus One Flyers members.

The instrument panel is set up for serious instrument training and cross-country flying.

We just added the new Garmin G-5 PFD (Primary Flight Display) and HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) with instructions on how to use them detailed below and a link to download the G-5 PILOT GUIDE.

Primary Flight Display makes 91E at TAA – Technically Advanced Aircraft with “Glass” PFD and HSI integrated with the Garmin WAAS 430.

Primary NAVCOM is Garmin 430W (WAAS) certified for IFR VOR/ILS & GPS LPV approaches.

Nav 1 indicator is a new Garmin G-5 HSI with precession auto-correction. The CDI is for Nav 2 and an indicator for ADF. But the HSI simplifies navigation and trains new instrument pilots in more sophisticated instrument navigation.

The Shadin mini-flow fuel management system shows fuel quantity, fuel flow, fuel remaining – and ports this data to the Garmin 430W to show fuel at each waypoint and destination. It is important to follow instructions on fuel quantity inputs for accurate information.

The Alpha Systems Angle of Attack indicator will help you stabilize approach speeds on final approach to be at 1.3 Vso with full flaps – just like Navy carrier pilots! (Meat-ball, line-up, angle of attack!) It is located in the pilots field of view so you can include angle of attack in your scan during approaches. It is a safety device to help pilots fly efficiently and safely in slow flight and in the landing pattern.

The instructions for this added equipment are available in quick pilot guides and full text in the binder for your convenience. 

You will enjoy flying 91E! The engine is a recent factory overhaul and performance is excellent.

N5291E Operating documents:

N5291 has been upgraded to the new Garmin G-5 PFD and HSI. The Primary Flight Display and Horizontal Situation Indicator are integrated with the Garmin 430 WAAS Comm/Nav unit and will add an amazing amount of utility for Plus One pilots.

The link will download the Pilot Guide for the G-5 system. You will need to be familiar and proficient with the system before using it. There is a copy of the Pilot Guide is in the airplane as well.There are 2- parts to the system – 

  • The PFD or Primary Flight Display which is attitude, altitude, airspeed, flight director, altitude alert etc.
  • The HSI or Horizontal Situation Indicator which is your primary navigation instrument

I strongly suggest to take advantage of numerous youtube videos that could be very helpful in visualizing how the G-5 system works. Here are few links. More will become available as more units are installed:

BUT – the G5 system comes with the responsibility to become familiar with the system before depending on it to navigate safely and legally in the ATC system. Yes, it is a simple attitude indicator in the basic sense, but it features modern protocols for airspeed and altimeter tapes (including V-speeds),  ADSB information, and emergency back up features unavailable on other systems. The HSI will deliver reliable VOR/ILS as well as GPS navigation down to LPV-type instrument approaches. The HSI is “slaved” so heading updates are essentially eliminated.Before flying IFR, you must become familiar and proficient with at least the basic elements of navigation. Please schedule some time with a Plus One CFI or contact me (the owner) if you have questions. This is a new system and will take some time getting used to the way it works and how each instrument works with the other. There are many push-button adjustments for things like heading bug, bro altimeter settings, 

altitude alerting etc., which you must master before flying. Don’t try to take off and “figure it out” in the air… Take some time to download and study the pilot guide, then, take your foundational knowledge to the plane and practice.

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