N33001 – Piper Cherokee (PA28-140)

New Piper to MYF

General Information

Hourly Rate (Wet):


180 hp
Fuel Capacity:
48 gal
Useful Load:

875 lbs

Tiedown Spot:
Gibbs Spot 47
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Exterior Appearance:
Interior Appearance:
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Aircraft Description

Beautiful Piper Cherokee Cruiser with an upgraded 180HP engine.

Max Takeoff Weight is 2200lbs. So with a bigger engine and lighter max takeoff weight, she cruises fast!

VFR Flights ONLY!

Avionics upgrades are pending (In line and will likely be installed in July 2024).

Sentry Mini placed in the plane for your ADSB-In to connect to Foreflight.

Ignition Key stays in the plane. Use that to start the plane. Once you’re shut down, place it in the binder or hang it on the heading bug knob.

No baggage door so be careful putting things in the back seat or behind it.

Spare oil in the back behind the seats.

Note for the Radios: Use COM 1 (Top) for talking to ATC. Use COM 2(Bottom) for ATIS. Once you are done with COM 2, turn that switch off and only keep COM 1 ON. If you need to talk on COM 2, the MIC toggle switch is on Top left side of radio panel.

Come out and enjoy the plane!

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Student or Higher Certificate
Satisfactory Checkout from an Authorized Club Instructor

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