N237RJ – Cirrus SR-22
Nice SR-22 with Tornado Alley Turbo. This aircraft has Avidyne Avionics, 540/440 with the DFC-700.
Hourly Rate (Wet): $340.00/hr
Horsepower: 310 hp
Fuel Capacity: 84 gal
Useful Load: 0 lbs

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Owner Information
Fatih Buyuksonmez | (619) 518-2828
Shop Information
Aircraft Status

This is a well-equipped, IFR Certified Turbo Normalized SR22TN GTS2 for all of your cross country and high altitude destination flights with cruise ceiling of 17,500 ft.

Avidyne Entegra PFD and MFD

Hybrid IFD 540 and 440 WAAS GPS/NAV/COM (both touchscreen and buttons; geo-fill; easy connection to a tablet)

DFC 90 Autopilot

Jeppesen charts, Nav and obstacle database on all 3 avionics

Skywatch, Storscope, XM Weather and Radio



Flight director

Oxygen system


Checkout & Documents
Private or Higher Certificate
250 Hours Total Time
Plus One Flyers Cirrus Transition
Satisfactory Checkout with an Authorized Club Instructor

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