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Below is a list of groups that you can join. These groups are self-moderated.  Please be respectful of other members.  Opinions expressed here do not represent the Club, its members, staff, officers, directors or the Club as a whole.

CFI Candidate Study Group
  • Public Group
  • CFI Candidate Study Group Join us to practice your lesson plan and share teaching skills text to 619-931-3914 for more information
Ask Safety...
  • Public Group
  • Group for anyone wanting to ask questions about Club Safety, Safety in general, or any questions about anything aviation-related, stuff you heard, stuff you didn't hear, or stuff that people say around the airports that is mostly untrue but needs clarification.
Cross Countries, Adventures, and More
  • Public Group
  • Group for those that want to tell stories (somewhat real) about their time as a pilot.  Things that happened, or may happen, or think can happen.
Flight Sharing and Time Building
  • Public Group
  • Group for those looking to go somewhere but want some company and not the type that you have to pay for.
  • Public Group
  • Group for those that primarily fly out of Ramona.  Or those that want to.
  • Public Group
  • Group for those that primarily fly out of Palomar.  Or those that want to.
  • Public Group
  • Group for those that fly mainly from Gillespie.  Or those that want to.
  • Public Group
  • Group for Montgomery Flyers and those that want to.
Lost and Found
  • Public Group
  • If you are missing something, or found something, you can post it here and hopefully others that are subscribed will help you locate the owner of said object. If it is very expensive and can easily be resold on the black market, please give to management.
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