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N734BT - Cessna 172N

Clean 160HP with the high performance exhaust system giving 734BT 175hp. 

A very clean aircraft.








Pilot Requirements:

  • Student Pilot

Authorized Instructors

  • Authorized Plus One Flyers Instructors 
Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $100
  • Horsepower: 160
  • TAS: 110
  • Fuel Capacity: 40
  • Useful Load: 785

People in this conversation

  • Great plane! Very clean inside and out. The powerflow exhaust really helps the performance.

    from San Diego, CA, USA
  • Marvin Robbins

    Great plane, got my PPL in last year.

    from West Palm Beach, FL 33404, USA
  • Don Murray

    4BT is a great plane indeed! I have almost 100 hrs in it. Did my private checkride in it as well. I've taken the plane on several x-c's and was very pleased each time how well it rides. The owner is a true gentleman and very responsive. Just a note if this is your first time flying 4BT, the mark on the trim wheel is a bit off. You'll have to trim by feel. And hey, it's the only plane I've flown that has a door steward so the cockpit door won't slam you in the a$$ when it's windy.

  • David Jardine

    This is a great trainer - very good value and the owner is very responsive to all requests. KSEE is a great location for VFR flying and minimal issues with marine layer.

  • Kathleen Devlin

    I love this plane! Did most of my training and my PPL checkride in it. The owner takes great care of her and she is always fun to fly. Rate is now only $95.00/hour! Come out to SEE and fly this fabulous little bird (especially if you are doing a morning flight; you could be up and away out of SEE while others are waiting for VFR conditions at MYF)!

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Owner Information


  • Sorbi Aviation   (619) 449-4800


  • Fred Sorbi   (619) 607-8588