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Useful Links

  • Aeronautical Information Manual
    • FAA official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures. Complete AIM book for you to look over.
  • CAASD (Community Airfields Association of San Diego)
    • CAASD is our AOPA airfield representative for Montgomery Field (MYF), an important community outreach and communications operation. You can help by joining CAASD.
  • AI.R. Labs, Inc.
    • A fully equipped, FAA-approved instrument repair station. They provide complete repair, inspection, and overhaul of most aircraft instrumentation, and electronic components.
  • AOPA
    • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • TerraExplorer
    • Take a look at the terrain of a local airport before you actually fly there. This is a REALLY detailed virtual VFR simulator. Check it out! (Note: Will require you to download the TerraExplorer plug-in)
  • OurPLANE
    • An aircraft management company that manages fractional ownership of a fleet of factory new aircraft for general aviation pilots. Currently offers one years Plus One dues for anyone that buys a fractional position with Chuck Lerman from Plus One Flyers. We have Brand New Cirrus SR22 and Cessna 182 positions available. clerman@ourplane.com
  • Online AME
    • List Searchable database of Aviation Medical Examiners
  • Virtual Aviation Library
    • The Virtual Aviation Library, maintained by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Tons of information, links. Even a link back to the Plus One home page!
    • Current and back issues of the SoCal Aviation Review, published by the FAA. Seminar dates and times, and information about the Wings program, can be found here.
  • AirNav
    • AirNav provides detailed airport, navaid, and fix information, and features an online fuel stop planner. Worth checking out!
  • Flight Planning
    • Tools Links to DUATS, airport and navaid information
  • Pilotage
    • PilotAge provides information useful to pilots flying into and through Southern California. This includes websites for local airports with A/FD info, and listings of every FBO, flight school and aviation service in Southern California.
  • Weather Channel
    • The Weather Channel home page. A great place to get the big picture on the national weather situation.
  • San Diego Weather
    • NOAA weather forecasts and observations for San Diego and the rest of Southern California
  • San Diego Airports
    • A page maintained by San Diego Country Public Works, detailing airports under its jurisdiction, including Agua Caliente, Borrego Valley, Fallbrook, Gillespie, Jacumba, McClellan Palomar, Ocotillo, and Ramona.
  • Catalina Island
    • Catalina Island and Airport In The Sky information
  • $100 Hamburger
    • The Hundred Dollar Hamburger provides first hand reports from pilots on restaurants at or very near general aviation airports worldwide.