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Summer is approaching with those longer daylight hours and the return of the marine layer in the mornings. During the months of May and June, especially if you are VFR, plan on that marine layer usually clearing by 12 noon and returning in the late afternoon. This might be a good time to look at training for that instrument rating: great weather for instrument practice.
As you may have heard the club has had three accidents within the first week of April. Our club has had a pretty good safety record until December, 2012. Should these accidents continue not only will insurance rates be affected but someone may get hurt and we do not want that to happen. The accident in December involved an LSA leaving the runway at CRQ and crashing into the rear of a helicopter result was total damage to the LSA and the helicopter. The pilot had just gotten a 1.7 hour check out in the LSA and was not that…
Our last CFI Safety meeting covered a very important topic regarding the clubs safety record. As you all are aware the club has in March had three accidents in a one week period. The first was a prop strike that occurred at Bermuda Dunes with a Cessna 182RG , two days later the Arrow landed gear up at OKB with an instructor doing a new member check out. Then three days later our club Citabria lost control on landing going off the runway at MYF resulting in a total loss in damages. Just this past week one of our C182…

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