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30 Dec Posted by:

N626FT (MYF)

Many inquiries have been received regarding the checkouts in the Tiger at MYF.  The current policy is that a Checkout is required for all POF members who want to fly this aircraft.  Experience or a checkout in  the 180HP Cheetah/Tiger at KSEE DOES NOT QUALIFY.  Many have asked why and the short answer is the aircraft, airframe, engine performance, and avionics are very different from the aircraft at KSEE. 

626FT, which is a 1991 AG-5B (not AA-5B) has a slightly more aerodynamic airframe than the 78-79 AA-5A/B Tiger/Cheetah airframe.  It floats more on landing so airspeeds are a bit more important on landing.  The aircraft is a 24V airplane versus the 12V AA-5A/Bs.  The avionics and systems are different from the KSEE Cheetah/Tiger and lastly, 626FT has a new engine that has been port/polished/flow matched at Lycon, has a Powerflow muffler upgrade, and the new AuCountry induction upgrade STC.  It is a strong engine that runs hot so CHT management is a must.

25 Mar Posted by:

This beautiful Piper Cherokee is Online at MYF

N4255T is a 180HP Piper Cherokee PA-28-180C.  It just had a new paint job at the end of 2014