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Lost & Found

In this section, you will find items that have been left in airplane's.  If you want to post something here, you can post the item, description and photo of the item if you'd like.  Include your contact information or where the item was left.

A couple of expensive electronic items were recently left in 1784R.  If you are missing something you might have left in the plane, please call me (Jim Cunning) at 619-324-3241, and identify the item(s) so we can work out how to return them to you.

There is a pair of reading glasses in a Ray Ban case found in N7DU.  Left them in the seat pocket behind the left seat.

At the Gibbs counter

I may have left my headset in 738ZY. It is a black Marv Golden Headset. My last name (ELKUS) is written in silver sharpie on one side. If anyone has found it please call (619)890-8904 or return to Gibbs front desk. Thank you kindly!!!

Nick Elkus 

Plus One Member 




On Saturday, Feb 1st in the afternoon, I may have

left my IPAD in the DA 720LM. If anyone sees one

please give me a call.

Thank you,

Dearld Chaffin


C – 949-566-1487







The Yoke-Mount has been found!

Episode closed.

Thank you all for your help!!


Arthur Phillips

I seem to have left the yoke mount to my portable GPS, Lowrance Airmap100 in 738TB on Nov 18.

I discovered the loss one week later when I wanted to use it today -- Nov 25, 2013.

I checked 738 TB and it wasn't there.

It's very noticeable.

A 6" x 2" black cradle with a big silver screw mount for the yoke.

(My name may have been on it.)

If found, please call Arthur Phillips 858-551-7572


Some time ago I found an adapter in N4922D presumably to power a portable Garmin GPS via the cigarette lighter socket.

I know it's been a long time but if you think it's yours, let me know. Shelley 858-349-8745

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