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30 Nov Posted by:

A Call for Volunteer Pilots to Provide Free Student Flights

Students from age 8 to 22 are waiting for a chance to experience actual flight!

A flight can go far to build an aviation passion for them. Earlier this year pilots from EAA and Plus One volunteered free flights to 12 university students. We now have 27 more signed up to fly ASAP in 2018 when we have more volunteer pilots/aircraft, and that number is sure to grow.

 Do you remember the first time you felt interested and excited about flight? Do you recall a key person who helped your journey to a lifetime passion for aviation?

01 Mar Posted by:

You Can Fly Competition Aerobatics!

Yes you can! Are you up for a new challenge? If the $100 hamburgers or trips around the pattern are getting

boring, consider competition aerobatics as the next frontier. With some instruction and a rented airplane, you

can compete at one of the many International Aerobatic Club (IAC) contests around the country. Many of us

have found a new purpose and joy in training for and competing in these contests. The thrills and camaraderie

are unmatched.

08 Nov Posted by:

You Missed Out!


Returning club president, Scott Kurowski, shared some valuable information about upcoming changes to squawk reporting at the general membership meeting held on October 27th at the Courtyard on Spectrum Center Blvd. You missed out on providing feedback about the soon-to-be-released changes. Are you wondering how this will affect you?

11 Jan Posted by:

Desert Drop Challenge - 5 March 2016

Desert Drop Challenge - 5 March 2016

Precision Landing and "Flour Bomb" Contest for Pilots and Bombardier Passenger.

High Wing Aircraft only for this event.

All participants MUST attend the safety briefing at 9 AM.

100% of ALL proceeds will be donated to a registered 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

Here is the link to the event registration (cut and paste into your browser)  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/desert-drop-challenge-5-march-2016-tickets-16067837334

Have questions about Desert Drop Challenge - 5 March 2016? Contact David Jardine




1 Hour Cirrus SR22T Introductory Flight for only $100!

 N684SR - SR22T




Hugely Discounted Cruise Tickets for 2 People!

Discounted Cruise Tickets


23 Dec Posted by:

Tired of all the bad Airport decisions? JOIN US to Save MYF!

Pilots at Montgomery Field have built an Advocacy Group to help provide over-site for Montgomery Field Airport Management and develop positive programs to promote aviation in our community.  www.montgomeryfieldassociation.org (MAA)  Please join our group and see how we can help make Montgomery fly smoother.  

16 Sep Posted by:

Mark Nicholson Got Upset With Me

And yet, he wasn't angry at all. In fact, the picture proves he was grinning from ear to ear. That's because he took Upset Training with me, otherwise known as aerobatics. Watch a two minute interview where he talks about the experience at www.flywithmark.net/0915
Instructor Mark Henshall. 
02 Feb Posted by:


Big power for a little airplane!  This 180hp Cherokee is a great cross country performer.  Check out the useful load!  Even with full tanks, you can still comfortably take 4 people with some bags!  It is a true 4 seater. 

05 Jan Posted by:

Taildraggers by Bob Turner


I am a temporary member - here because I have about five thousand hours in Cubs, and my buddies think I can help others transition into the club Super Cub.  I have owned a Cub since 1962, and have been based at MYF since 1974. I am, of course, happy to help.

Flying a tailwheel airplane can be a very satisfying endeavor.  The skills a tailwheel aviator acquires directly transfer to modern airplanes with nose wheels, and make flying any airplane in high winds a much safer experience.  This brief note is not intended to entice you in to a course in the club taildraggers - I shall leave the advertising to others.  What I want to explore is something most aviators are simply not aware of, and something that has disappeared from Private Pilot training.

15 Nov Posted by:

Aerobatics and Thrill rides

Hello aviators!  Basic aerobatic knowledge and awareness are important skills for a life of aviation.  Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a 45 degree turn or doing stalls for your BFR?  Even a little bit of Aerobatic training will give you a new confident feeling and abilities that you can keep in your aviation tool box.  Besides being exhilarating, you will see a new perspective of SD and move to the next level of owning the airspace.  We also have 4 gopro cameras to document your adventures.


Check out our video, and see more photos and info at :  www.sandiegoskytours.com

Erich & Jim




14 Nov Posted by:

Children of the Magenta

For TAA pilots. Great AA training video on cockpit automation - when to/when not to use it.