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31 Mar Posted by:

Irv Goldstein is a tailwheel pilot

Irv Goldstein earned his tailwheel endorsement in the Champ on March 14, 2017.  CFI's Glenn Daly and Mark Henshall

26 Mar Posted by:

Chris Sam is a tailwheel pilot

Chris Sam earned his tailwheel endorsement today, March 26th 2017, in this beautiful Great Lakes open cockpit biplane with CFI Mark Henshall. Good work and congrats! Next is acrobatics...

02 Mar Posted by:

IAC Aerobatics Competition Borrego!!

Want a new challenge? Ever dreamed of competing in an aerobatics competition? It is within your reach!! There is an IAC competition coming up in Borrego April 6-8. Learn how you can compete using a club airplane! Read more at the following website: www.flywithmark.net/images/articles/acro.pdf

01 Mar Posted by:

You Can Fly Competition Aerobatics!

Yes you can! Are you up for a new challenge? If the $100 hamburgers or trips around the pattern are getting

boring, consider competition aerobatics as the next frontier. With some instruction and a rented airplane, you

can compete at one of the many International Aerobatic Club (IAC) contests around the country. Many of us

have found a new purpose and joy in training for and competing in these contests. The thrills and camaraderie

are unmatched.

20 Feb Posted by:

Call Out to Pilots and Owners

If you are a pilot or an aircraft owner and want to give back to the community, here is your chance. CHALLENGE AIR FOR KIDS AND FRIENDS is a program where pilots volunteer their time, aircraft and fuel to fly challenged children of San Diego and even let them "fly" a bit. The event takes place at Brown Field on March 25, 2017 at 9am. Right now there are over 90 children signed up and we have about 5 pilots with aircraft signed up to participate.  Owners can help by maybe giving the participating pilots a break on the hourly rate or coming down and flying too!  Those who can't fly for the event can participate by being part of our important ground crew. We need folks to help load families into airplanes, keep families in safe areas of the airport, help keep kids entertained, schedule flights, help with weight and balance, check-in of families and help with lunch.  I can not tell you how rewarding this event is. As pilots we do something that, to many of these folks, is simply magical. Many have never flown, ever. If you are new to the event, or just need to sign up to help out, go to www.challengeair.com and “Create Account” with an email address and set up a password with their information and submit.  THEN you have to go to the “Events” tab and select San Diego then Pilot and enter their Pilot info – especially their plane type, how many seats, maximum passenger weight, etc.  and submit again.  If you flew last year we already have your account by you still need to go to the “Events” tab and fill in that information as needed. 

If you want to talk to someone who has participated and is planning to do so again, please call Annette Dufek at (619) 993-8399 or email her at agndd09@yahoo.com.

If you have questions about the event, call the event program director, Juliet Siddons at (214) 351-3353 or email her at events@challengeair.org. Note: The donations of time, airplanes, fuel and other donations are tax deductible, ask Juliet for the organization's tax id number.

06 Feb Posted by:

Daniel Passed His Instrument Checkride

Daniel is excited about taking his family and friends on flying adventures, and putting passengers to sleep with his newly acquired smooth instrument flying skills! He passed his instrument checkride on January 26, 2017 with examiner Greg Madariaga. Instructor, Samantha O'Brien.

06 Feb Posted by:

Mia Stanley soloed at Ramona

Mia Stanley soloed at Ramona on January 26, 2017. Great job Mia! Instructor, Samantha O'Brien.

06 Feb Posted by:

Dave Leonard Passed His Commercial ASEL

On January 31st, Plus One Flyers member (and RV-6 homebuilder) Dave Leonard (not the DPE) passed his Commercial ASEL check ride in the club’s Arrow at CRQ.  CFI was Red Howard.  Examiner Jay Brentzel is on the right in the photo, giving congratulations. 

16 Dec Posted by:

New at MYF - Piper Arrow II

Owner is Roland Giron. 

Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset - $400

Clarity Aloft headset Classic Model in very good condition. Only used as a backup headset and not very often. Works perfectly. Includes needed ear plugs in multiple sizes. New $525. Get this one in great shape for only $400. Call or text, Barry, (619) 840-5799.