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N6056Q - Beechcraft Bonanza A-36

N6056Q – Beechcraft Bonanza A-36 is now on line. This A-36 is configured with “club seating,” new leather interior and a newly overhauled engine. Avionics include the Garmin 750, Traffic, KFC autopilot, flight director, GPS steering, Flightstream 510 and engine monitor. It cruises around 168 KIAS while burning around 15 GPH depending on altitude and a useful load of 1225lbs. With 74 gallons usable fuel it has a range of about 750 miles at 75% power. The engine is well balanced and with the new heavier windscreen it is very quiet.

Checkout is required and there is a team of flight instructors assigned. Pilots will need minimum 250 hours total with at least 25 hours of complex time. Previous Bonanza time will certainly be helpful in getting through the process. Once you sign up for a checkout with one of the posted authorized CFIs, you will receive a packet of information containing the checklist, POH and manuals for other equipment on board. Once checked out you will receive a unique key for the plane – Plus One Keys won’t work.

Authorized CFI's:

Shane Terpstra 949-355-6367
Dave Eby 619-279-7499
Greg Beaty 619-987-7086
Dan Brennan 858-354-8297
Jim MacKay 760 505 6012
Derik Post 515-681-2198
Brett Livingston - 619-370-2172

Mark Henshall -  619 -252 - 1550

Thanks and have a great flight.



Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $ 210
  • Horsepower: 285
  • TAS: 168
  • Fuel Capacity: 80
  • Useful Load: 1250
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Owner Information


  • Coming Soon!


  • John Barta   (619) 322-5964