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N626FT - Tiger AG-5B

Tiger now at MYF!  A new addition to the club is a 1991 AG-5B Tiger.  The aircraft is IFR certified and is equipped with AuCountry's Jaguar Cowling including the AG-5B inlet STC, and a Powerflow exhaust which provides more power than the stock AG-5Bs.  The engine is new and has been port/polished and flow matched at Lycon Engines in Visalia,CA.  It is a great X-C aircraft and will cruise at speeds near that of a straight leg 182! 

Avionics include a GTN 650 WAAS NAV1/COMM1, GNS 430 WAAS NAV2/COMM2 both with LOC/GS GI-106A heads, an STEC-30 two-axis A/P with altitude hold, GTX-330 ADS-B transponder with Traffic, JPI-800 Engine Monitor with Fuel Flow Option, Digital Tachometer, and a new 406MHz ELT.. The plane also has GPS Steering available when the A/P is coupled to the GTN 650.



Documents for download:


CHECKOUT REQUIRED!  Please note that a checkout in an AA-5A or AA-5B DOES NOT QUALIFY for this aircraft.  The flight characteristics of the AG-5B is different as compared to the AA-5A/B models.  There are also enough differences regarding engine/aircraft systems and avionics whereas a separate checkout for this aircraft is REQUIRED.

No student pilots.

Instructors/ Checkouts:

  • Gregg Beaty   (619) 987-7086
  • Dave Eby        (619) 279-7499
  • Glenn Daly     (619) 890-2359
  • Brett Livingston (619) 370 2172
  • Derek Post    (515) 681-2198
  • John Kaduk   (619) 733-8331
  • Shane Terpstra (click for link)  (949) 355-6367
  • Jim MacKay (click for link) (760) 505-6012
  • Kevin May (858) 752-2871

Keys and aircraft book at located at Gibbs desk. 

When scheduling your checkout, PLEASE indicate the instructor you are using in your reservation.

Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $125
  • Horsepower: 180
  • TAS: 135
  • Fuel Capacity: 51
  • Useful Load: 850
  • Avionics: Garmin 430 WAAS, GTN 650, Traffic (TIS), ADS-B Transponder

People in this conversation

  • 626FT is back from maintenance and painting. The cowling is now much more aerodynamic given it is painted versus the rough surface fiberglass base. Have fun with that extra 0.3 knots of TAS.

    A new Digital tach has been installed to replace the analog unit. Unlike the mechanical tach, it has some features that pilots should be aware of. The unit has been programmed at the factory with the RPM limits specified by the manufacturer. When these limits are hit, the LEDs on the tach illuminate.

    Common questions:
    Q: How do I get it to read Tach Hours?
    A: The left most button depressed for one second will display hours. After release, it will display fractional hours. For Schedulemaster, just round to the nearest tenth for tach time.

    Q: Jeez..Those LEDs are bright at night..How can I dim them?
    A press-and-release operation on the center button causes the LED indicators (except for the red LEDs) to be dimmed. Pressing the button again restores the LEDs to full intensity.

    The GPS databases on both the 430 and 650 are now current until 02 March 2017.

  • The Tiger is back on line. One of the fuel drains was dripping and another was not working. For good measure, we had all four replaced on the plane. The GNS-430 display has been repaired. The connectors on the 430 display module were very dirty and were cleaned. The unit was reassembled so all is good. If it fails again, its off to Garmin. The electric primer was tested OK. Please be aware that the primer WILL NOT WORK unless the fuel pump is switched on. Enjoy your flights!

  • Sorry for the delay and all the maintenance downtime. The latest items on the "to be fixed" list include the ALT light bulb, an INOP inboard fuel drain, and the GNS-430 display just failed. Thanks for you patience.

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  • Sorbi Aviation   (619) 607-8588


  • Larry Massaro   (858) 354-9964
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