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N57361 - Piper PA-28 Warrior

Great Piper Warrior for training or cross country.  New engine with certified IFR avionics including dual digital flip-flop radios and fresh interior w/leather seats. This plane has a DME, dual VOR's one with Glide Slope and a Marker Beacon. It also has a Piper heading Auto Pilot, electric trim, iPhone/Smartphone 1/8' input jack for listening to your music through the intercom. Fitted with wing tip Landing Lights that wig/wag for great visibility in low light or high traffic areas. Also fitted with a oversize FAA approved engine power kit, the engine actually produces approx. 176 HP for a great climb and smooth 75% cruise. Great owner assisted maintenance and fast assistance if you have a question or problem. Parked at space 14 directly adjacent to Taxiway Juliet, next to the Helo fire fighting base.  Great parking access and short taxi times!


Please refer to the POH for the most current data-use for general planning ONLY.

Calculate average fuel burn at 8.0 GPH

Usefull Load 851 lbs (Less fuel of 300 lbs) 551lbs for passengers and baggage

                       Weight  X Arm    =  Moment

empty weight    1474.4  X  87.18 = 128538 

Front Passengers @ 80.5 Arm

Fuel                   @ 95.0 Arm

Rear Passengers  @ 118.1 Arm

Baggage            @ 142.6 Arm

Max TO weight   2325.0 lbs @ 87 to 93 Arm

If you need further info feel free to contact Owner Randall Vancil @ 619-921-7214 Cell/text 

Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $ 100
  • Horsepower: 176
  • TAS: 115
  • Fuel Capacity: 48
  • Useful Load: 851

People in this conversation

  • Yes I am looking for the right person to partner with for this aircraft! Thanks for asking! It has been a good performer in Plus One and has a spanking new engine, but alas, times are tough all over and cash flow is king so I want to find someone to join me with owning and operating this aircraft. If you are interested please call me and say so. Thanks!

  • John Walker

    This is a great little plane. The interior is nice (It could use new GPS... but we know how expensive that is). She flys great, runs great. and actually clips along pretty good once you get out of climb. The exterior isn't much to look at, but she solid. As an added bonus, the owner is very responsive to concerns, get's right back to you and gets them solved.

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Owner Information


  • Areomechanix / Francisco Jimenez   (760) 522-8320