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N733JW - Cessna 172N

Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $105
  • Horsepower: 160
  • TAS: 105
  • Fuel Capacity: 40
  • Useful Load: 0

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  • Cameron Allison

    I flew N733JW on a 2300nm cross country over 8 days. It was the perfect plane for such a trip. The owner, Fred Sorbi, was super responsive to questions I had at 9PM the night before. He did the 100 hr right before I did my checkout flight with Mark Henshall, who was a great CFII to do it with. 733JW's G530 with WAAS was perfect. Easy to use, even with no previous Garmin experience. Despite the 40 gallon fuel capacity, the fuel totalizer was a huge help. It was almost entirely accurate, overestimating consumption by 2.5% at the most (when compared to fuel receipts). At 2000 lbs, it still managed 700FPM out of KSBD on a 94º day at Vy! I'm impressed and happy with every aspect of my rental experience with 3JW. Cruised at 105 KTAS most of the time, burning 6.4 GPH on average. Oil consumption was 3.5 qts over 27.5 hours. Only slight cause for concern was the DG precessed faster than I'm used to, especially cruising above 7000' where you needed to be at full power to be at the bottom of the green suction arc. No big issue there- just ask for ground tracks instead of headings or use the compass. Another slight thing that I realized is that you need to hold the flap lever all the way to the top for the flaps to fully retract; during my leg from San Luis Obispo to Sonoma, I realized the flaps were probably 2-4º extended while I was cruising. The covers that come with the plane are perfect because they keep it as cool as it can be if left in the sun and are easy to put on without help.
    Here are my cruise findings:
    If I ever come back to SD to rent, I'll definitely look for 3JW. Great plane, great owner, great flying club! And at $100/hr, it's the best 172 out there.

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  • Sorbi Aviation  (619) 807-8588


  • Fred Sorbi   (619) 807-8588