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N3386E - Cessna 172N

New, clean panel with dimmable LED lighting on instruments, digital fuel gages, EDM 900 digital primary instrument for engine and fuel flow gauges, digital voltmeter/ ammeter, adjustable pilot and copilot seats, fire extinguisher, four point seat belts/ shoulder harnesses with inertia reel, upgraded cabin vents, USB Power Supply. TIS Traffic displayed on GTN-650. Bluetooth link allows flight plan uploads and downloads to/ from iPad and GTN-650.

AVIONICS - GTN-650 GPS/NAV/COMM, Dual G5 PFD and HSI (as well as standard vacuum A/I and DG), New Garmin GNC-255 Digital Navcomm with station database and ability to monitor 2nd frequency, GTX-335 ADS-B (Out) Transponder, Flightstream 210 Bluetooth Link, PMA 8000BT Bluetooth Stereo Audio Panel with 4-place intercomm and music inputs.

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Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $112
  • Horsepower: 160
  • TAS: 110
  • Fuel Capacity: 50
  • Useful Load: 840

People in this conversation

  • Jason Chipkin

    Great aircraft and comfortable! Love the GPS and LPV capability. Appreciate the rudder trim as well. All it needs is an autopilot and it would absolutely be my #1 rental.

  • Freddy

    Does this plan have TIS, TCAS or other form of traffic avoidance (since it has a G650)

  • Great airplane and a great owner. Very responsive to any issues I have. This is one of my top airplanes that I refer students to.

  • Dave Gordon

    Joe -
    I'm the owner of 86E and I typically see between 110 to 120 kts depending on weight, trim and how conscientious I am about flying straight. One thing that you can consider (or not) is that the "Power-Flo" exhaust that I installed a few years ago allegedly provides an additional 16 hp and the manufacturer can provide an STC that says that. However, I opted not to buy the STC. The lack of the piece of paper does not change the laws of physics - the extra horsepower is there but I use the POH 160 hp for performance and planning.
    I believe the 120 knots came from the POH but I don't recall for sure. Quite frankly, the number listed on the web site is not something that should be used for flight planning or performance. I took a brief look at the TAS listed for the other 172's and they are all over the map. The lone 172/ 150 advertises 110 kts, the 172/ 160's have 4 at 105 kts, 4 at 110 kts and 3 at 120 kts. The 172/ 180's have 1 with no airspeed, 3 at 115 kts, 4 at 120 kts and 2 at 130 kts. Maybe I'll change 86E's airspeed to "none".
    Also note that as an aircraft engine ages (between overhauls), the horsepower and performance will likely decrease somewhat. Consider also that C172 airspeed is affected by how clean and trim the aircraft is more so than horsepower. Case in point, many years ago, my flying club in Monterey had a couple of T41's. These were C172's with a 230 hp engine. I don't think I saw anything faster than 120 kts in straight and level flight (they had no wheel pants). However, they climbed like they were on steroids (2000 fpm).
    I have two bits of advice -
    1. Rely on the POH guidance for flight planning and performance, be conservative and add a safety factor for each family member you care about.
    2. Most people flying 172's are not looking for speed. If you want to see how you'll like 86E, go fly her and I think you'll like it. The Garmin 650 is really fantastic. I love flying it (but of course, I'm a bit biased). I can't promise you that there will never be any squawks but I try to respond and get them resolved as quickly as possible (via my maintenance shop).
    If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

  • Joe Campomanes

    In reply to: Dave Gordon

    Dave, thanks for the reply. An involved owner is such a relief and comfort, and I believe contributes to the evidence that you care for your plane. I think I will definitely give 86E a whirl, and recently showed the plane to my wife, which she thought was a beaut!
    Thanks again!

  • Joe Campomanes

    In reply to: Dave Gordon

    Thanks so much for the reply! This is great information, and I completely agree, I would never plan more than what the POH says is possible with the aircraft. I actually just showed the picture of your aircraft to my wife (right before reading your reply), and we both agreed she's a good looking bird. I will definitely give 86E some time. Thanks again for your reply!

  • Mike St. Cyr

    I flew 86E almost by chance after a maintenance issue required me to schedule another plane and I'm very glad I did. The plane is in awesome shape, flies wonderfully and the Garmin 650 is a joy to use. It does particularly well on cross countries thanks to the super comfy seats and complete lack of bad habits.

    Definitely my new favorite plane in the club and it really feels like a steal at this rate.

  • Joe Campomanes

    In reply to: Mike St. Cyr

    Hi Mike, I'm interested in picking out a "regular" and wanted to check, when you flew 86E, do you remember what speed you cruised at? It advertises 120kts, but at 160hp, I'm a little skeptical. Thanks for the post by the way, comments are always helpful in doing research.

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  • Aeromechanix: Dave Long  (619) 888-9550 or Francisco Jimenez  (760) 522-8320


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