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N4956D - Cessna 172

Super clean, 180HP conversion GNS430 WAAS. Great useful load at 1000lbs!








Pilot Requirements:

  •  Student Pilot

Authorized Instructors

  •  Authorized Plus One Flyers Instructors
Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $105
  • Horsepower: 180
  • TAS: 0
  • Fuel Capacity: 60
  • Useful Load: 0

People in this conversation

  • "Super clean", seriously?!!
    Mechanically a very nice flying plane.
    Cosmetically, probably the worst plane I've ever rented in Plus One.
    (Not very reassuring to one's passengers.)

    -right fuel gauge inop. when full and shows "empty" when full or jumps back and forth the rest of the flight.
    -missing front passenger overhead plastic sleeve for shoulder belt
    -front passenger arm rest loose
    -front left window frame plastic loose.
    -left door panel torn loose at bottom right corner
    -rear right headphone jacks in accessible due to being mounted vertical instead of horizontal (duh!). Only able to plug in by prying at arm rest away. After all that, Mic. input also appears not to work.
    -rear left arm rest dangling by one long screw (probably because someone got pissed off trying to get the headphone jack squeezed in underneath it)

    -right gas cap gasket needs replacing so gas cap doesn't vibrate loose in flight (warned by fuel truck driver)
    -several loose dzus fasteners on cowl that do not engage properly.
    -rear tie-down eye on tail completely ground off by someone dragging the tail on landing??!!

    This girl needs some TLC badly!

    from San Diego, CA, USA

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  •  Sorbi Aviation   (619) 449-4800