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N3604X - Great Lakes


Leave the fancy avionics on the ground, stop following magenta lines, and fly like your great grandfather flew: in an open-cockpit biplane.

3604X is the second Great Lakes in the Plus One fleet. With two planes to schedule and a growing club-within-a-club of pilots flying way more than little hamburger runs, now is the perfect time to join us!


History In Flight

A classic biplane is perfect for getting girls attracting 85-year-old pilots out of an FBO for photos and questions. Although this airplane was built in 1977 and completely restored in 2011, her design goes back to the 1920's—almost as old as aviation itself.



The Great Lakes was born for aerobatics! It has inverted fuel and oil systems and a G-limit of +5.4/-4.0. It'll do far more than most pilots can stand, but unlike other platforms, it won't actively try to kill you in the process. The Lakes is forgiving and graceful; a perfect introduction to parts of the flight envelope you've never seen. The first time you come down the backside of a loop and watch Earth descend into view like an IMAX movie, boring holes through the sky in an aluminum can just won't be enough anymore.


Where Is It?

One of the photos below is a map showing where to go and what access codes to use. Parking is a 20-second walk from the hangar and everything you need is inside. You do not need to go to the Plus One office beforehand.


Solo Checkouts

Solo is a possibility for proficient aviators. To get started, contact Bryan at 704-578-7665.

(There are a few important differences between N3604X and N60GL, so if you're already approved to solo 60GL, please call me before you solo 04X. You need the hangar code, anyway!)



Authorized Instructors

  • Zach Harris:             619-952-1611  (tailwheel, spin-training)
  • Pawel Mikolajewski:  808-277-1102  (tailwheel, spin-training, aerobatics)
  • Mark Henshall:         619-252-1550  (tailwheel, spin-training, aerobatics)
  • Bryan Jones:            704-578-7665  (owner, solo checkouts)



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Additional info
  • Rental Rate: $ 155
  • Horsepower: 180
  • TAS: 120
  • Fuel Capacity: 26
  • Useful Load: 484
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Owner Information


  • Coming Soon!


  • Bryan Jones  (704) 578-7665