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When I complete a new member checkout, flight review, or new aircraft checkout, who do I send the form to?
All members, except CFIs, should email forms to Erika Linekin at erika@plusoneflyers.org. If you are a CFI, all forms, including any checkouts or flight reviews should go to Shane Terpstra at safety@plusoneflyers.org.

I am a CFI and would like to be added to the "Instructor Member" page on the website, how do I do that?
For more information contact Shane Terpstra at safety@plusoneflyers.org.



How do I become authorized to teach in the club?
For more information contact Shane Terpstra at safety@plusoneflyers.org.

I am an instructor member, why is there a red x next to my name in the "Instructor Status Check" page?
You have a red x next to your name because either you have not attended a safety meeting in the last six months, or the last Wings phase you submitted was dated more than twelve months ago. To see which it is go to the "Pilot/Personal" tab in your Schedule Master record, and look for the last meeting attended and the last Wings phase completed. Updated Wings phase certificates should be sent to Shane Terpstra at shane@plusoneflyers.org. If you need a safety meeting and one isn't scheduled soon, email Shane and ask for alternatives.

I am an instructor member, why is my profile and bio missing from the "Instructor Member" page?
Please see the answer above related to red x's, exactly the same information applies.




Where is the Palomar office?
Please see the image below for details.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



I am unable to login to www.plusoneflyers.org, what should I do?
Logins for www.plusoneflyers.org are automatically created to match the username and password you created for Schedule Master. Please note that the User ID, which is numeric, is different than your Username, which you would have created. Also, when logins are generated for plusoneflyers.org, CAPITAL letters are not recognized, so if there were any CAPs in your Schedule Master Username, try logging in to plusoneflyers.org using only lowercase letters. If you are still unable to get in, send an email to webmaster@plusoneflyers.org. Make sure to include your full name.

I am unable to login to Schedule Master, what should I do?
See this DOCUMENT for the answer.


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