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Neil Huffaker

Monday, 18 December 2017 07:49
I am a Plus One Aircraft owner and CFI that works and flys out of KCRQ.   I have a passion for aviation and am very excited to share my enthusiasm with anybody and everybody.  I bought my first plane, 79212 back in 2015 and immediately put it in the club.  As a student myself I understand the importance of feeling comfortable with the maintenance records of the planes that I fly, as well as the relationship and relaibility between student and instructor.  With that in mind I strive for excellent service and accountability with my planes and my students.  As a graphic designer by trade, I have brought my talents to teaching with great full color teaching aides, lesson plans and checklists.   I am happily married to an amazing wife who let me buy two planes and pursue my passion. We have two great kids.  If I am not flying I am probably in the ocean.   I offer specials on bulk plane rentals and instruction.  Call me anytime with questions or guidance. Cheers and fly safe!

N845JR, Online Soon at MYF

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 15:54

N6127V - Cessna C172RG

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 13:05

About Ramp Access at Palomar

Monday, 20 November 2017 10:17


Wondering how you can get access to the ramp at Palomar?

New 182 at CRQ, N1899M

Friday, 17 November 2017 09:59


State of the Club - 2017

Tuesday, 07 November 2017 12:23

Members of Plus One Flyers:

It has been a rather busy two plus months since our July Board of Directors meeting and it is long overdue that I provide the membership with information as to the general status and information regarding our fine flying club.

The first order of business is to thank Mr. Scott Kurowski for his service as President over the July 2016-June 2017 term. The Board of Directors of Plus One Flyers appreciated his guidance that has helped keep Plus One Flyers financially sound and operationally efficient over the past year. Speaking of the Board of Directors, the following was a result of the most recent election:

Directors Elections

The membership of Plus One Flyers elected the following “new” Director:

• David Wallace (Non-Owner)

In addition to Mr. Wallace, the membership re-elected the following Directors:

  • Lawrence Massaro (Owner) 

  • Scott Kurowski (Non-Owner) 

  • Dave Eby (Non-Owner) 

  • Steve Wright (Non-Owner) 

  • Shane Terpstra (Owner) 

  • Glenn Daly (Owner) 

Congratulations to those newly elected and those re-elected. The Board welcomes our newly elected and previous Directors who will serve Plus One Flyers for the next two years. 


At the 20 July 2017 Board of Directors meeting, the Directors re-appointed the following Officers to serve a one year term. 

  • Vice President / COO 
      Dave Eby

  • Treasurer/CFO 
               Steve Wright
  • Safety Officer 
                Shane Terpstra
  • Secretary 
                      Sarah Bouscaren
  • MYF Operations 
             Dave Eby

At the 20 July 2017 Board of Directors meeting, the Directors also appointed me as President of Plus One Flyers to serve a one year term. I appreciate the confidence the Board has in my abilities to execute the duties required of this position and look forward to serving the Board to the best of my abilities. Thank you.

The Plus One Flyers Board of Directors had also determined that the positions of KRNM, KSEE and KCRQ Operations Officers be left vacant for the 2017-18 term, as well as the Membership Officer position. As we continue to transition some of the duties of our officers and employees, along with the efficiencies gained by using more electronic data processing, the Directors will continue to examine the necessities of all officer and employee positions.

I would like to bring up an issue that I believe is of importance to all members. Every year the Board solicits the membership for interested individuals to apply for office positions. In the past, it is safe to say that nobody was risking injury from the "stampede" of members running to apply for these positions. However, one member did run for numerous positions this term and was not appointed by the Board to serve. I subsequently received a letter from the member quite negatively describing the club, its operations, it officers, and its directors amongst other things. The details are not necessarily important, as were the various reasons why this member was not appointed to an officer position. However, one thing was that does deserve mentioning is/was this members lack of involvement in the club. The member was not known or familiar to anyone on the Board. Many of the current officers (and Directors) were involved in Plus One Flyers activities long before they decided to run for an Officer of Director position. What is "involvement"? Involvement doesn't necessarily include volunteering (but that helps...). It can be as simple as regularly attending (and participating) in General Membership Meetings. The same can be said for the Board of Directors meetings. Board of Directors meetings are not held in a dark dungeon that requires a secret password to gain entry. They are open to all members.
If you are interested in serving the club, the "first step" is for you to become a familiar face to the membership (in the case of Director positions) and to the Directors (for Officer positions). A candidate for a Director or Officer position that is an "unknown quantity" is rarely elected to the Board by the membership or appointed by the Board to serve as a Plus One Flyers Officer. This is especially true when running for an Officer position or a Director position that is already filled. This is obviously less important for vacant positions, but still relevant. The message here is to take that "first step" if you are interested and don't be discouraged if you do run and are not successful first time around.


The budget was approved by the Board of Directors in May 2017 for the July 2017-June 2018 Fiscal Year. The budget involved few changes over the prior year with the exception of a modest dues increase and increased new membership fee. Over the past many years, Plus One Flyers has been able to keep our monthly dues rate in check even with yearly increases in rents, insurance, and other costs. We have done this through member growth. As the base grows, the revenue from the increased member base has offset the increases in many of our fixed costs of doing business. This year it was determined that to ensure the ongoing financial health and stability of the club, a modest increase in dues was required.

The below is a summary of the current year budget.









Forecasted Membership Count (Dues Paying)



Forecasted Hobbs Hours



New Member Rate / Month



CFI Referrals / Mo



Number of Aircraft



Avg Insur. Expense / AC / mo



Initiation Fee



Monthly Membership Dues



Average Rental Rate



CC Fee / $








Ordinary Income/Expense

Proposed 2017/18







4000 · Aircraft Rentals





4002 · Fuel/Oil/Maint paid by Pilots





4100 · Membership Dues Revenue





4150 · New Member Fee Revenue





4250 · Collections





4500 · Misc Inc





4600 · Interest




Total Income









Cost of Goods Sold





5000 · Hobbs Gross





5200 · Management Fees





5410 · Insurance paid by owners





5500 · Fuel/Oil/Maint Exp pd by Pilot





5700 · Collection fees paid




Total Cost of Goods Sold























6100 · Advertising/Promotion





6200 · Gifts/Donations





6230 · Legal/Professional Svcs





6250 · Meeting Exp





6260 · Outside Services





6280 · Permits





6285 · Postage





6290 · Rents





6300 · Repairs





6325 · Scheduling Program Fees





6330 · Supplies





6350 · Tax





6380 · Telephone/Internet





6400 · Insurance





6500 · Bank/CC Charges





6610 · Aircraft Detail/Wash





6700 · IDP





7000 · Salaries





7800 · Uncollected Revenue/Lost Hobbs/etc













Net Operating Income(Loss)








Other Income/Expense




Other Income









Other Expense





8500 · Strategic Objectives





8510 · Member/Owner programs/projects




Total Other Expense











Cash Reserve Drawdown








Plus One Flyers currently manages over 70 aircraft and simulators at four locations. The current membership count is averaging over 1,600 dues paying members. This represents a member growth rate of approximately 6% over last year. We continue to be the largest flying club in the United States (if not the world) in terms of aircraft and membership.

We currently operate with a staff of five Officers/Employees in addition to the Corporate Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer/CFO, and Secretary). The day-to-day operations are primarily managed by these five employee positions and I’m sure many of you agree that they have performed at an outstanding level and are a large part of why this organization continues to thrive.

A simple fact that is not readily apparent to many members is the scope of the Plus One Flyers operations. We casually refer to ourselves as a "club", but in reality, we are a mid-sized corporation. Our gross receipts in the 2017-18 Fiscal Year was in excess of $3M dollars. Our flight hours totaled nearly 25,000! If there are any economists in the room, they will surely agree that our operation has a fairly significant impact on the airports from which we operate and the local aviation related (and some non-related) businesses. Fuel expenses alone (and the taxes they generate) are significant.

Our size also helps in being recognized as a strong voice when it comes to airport planning and other issues. Many of our members have participated (see item about member involvement above!) in county and city meetings related to the future of our airfields. You have heard the cry that GA is under attack, and on many fronts and at many airports, it is. We need to stay in front of these issues and not let any anti-GA initiatives get traction. Your Board of Directors has been involved in this as have many non-Director members and I want to express our thanks to the Directors and those members spending their valuable time participating in these events and meetings.

One issue that the Board is addressing is the future of the Ramona Airport site. Many members have been asking about its status. The key to a strong presence at any airport involves three things; 1) member-pilot population, 2) CFI availability, and 3) suitable aircraft. A successful Plus One site is similar to a three legged table. All three legs are required for it to be stable. Ramona has shown Plus One Flyers that the member-pilot population is present. However, the loss of many CFIs to the airlines has dramatically curtailed the number of CFIs actively instructing at RNM. Less training translated into less aircraft hours. Less aircraft hours reduced owner income which in turn led aircraft leave RNM. It is a vicious cycle. To achieve "critical mass", all three factors must be present. Plus One Flyers is examining our options with the RNM site and although there are presently no aircraft present there, we are not ready to shut it down. More information to follow as it becomes available.


A sad chapter in the history of Plus One Flyers came to a close this year. As many of you are aware, a Plus One Flyers aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision at Brown field in 2015. A very somber day for the club as a Plus One Flyer member lost his life. Although the cause of the accident was not due to anything related to Plus One Flyers, our aircraft, or our member, our insurance carrier still held a very large loss reserve against us based on the possibility of the club being named in a future legal suit. I will spare everyone the complex legal activities involved with all parties involved in this tragic event. To summarize, Plus One Flyers has not been named in any suit, and furthermore, cannot be sued by any party going forward regarding this accident. Our insurance carrier has released its reserve which is welcome news.

Similar to last year’s budget, a large portion of this year's budget was allocated to the Insurance Deductable Program (IDP). In February, our insurance carrier raised the club's insurance rates. The member insurance deductible was also raised to $2,500 (up from $500 last year). The IDP program rules and guidelines have also been changed. In the past, the IDP was typically used to pay for "minor" (in aircraft parlance, "minor" means $10,000 or less!) incidents and in some cases larger claims per the Board. Major claims were forwarded to our carrier. This self insurance helped keep a lid on our rates. The IDP also automatically paid 80% of the member deductible. This would reduce the maximum out of pocket cost to members to $100.00.

This year, the Board has adopted a more stringent approach to IDP with respect to member deductibles. The details can be found in the IDP guidelines documentation on the Plus One Flyers website. In summary, the deductible offset from IDP is no longer "automatic". It is based on a review of the circumstances related to the damage claim by the IDP Committee. Accidents happen and everyone understands that fact. IDP has been developed for that purpose. However, damage caused by gross negligence or carelessness on the behalf of the member will most likely result in IDP not covering the deductible. Damage claims that start with the member statement "I was in a hurry...I wasn't paying attention...I thought I had plenty of room to squeeze by..." are not conducive to having IDP cover the deductable. In the past, most if not all of the accidents that fit into this category were aircraft taxi / parking related incidents. Think first, and then act. Please see the IDP description documents on the website for further information.

Issues (ongoing)

The club stands at over 1,600 members, as mentioned above. The number of hours flown by our members over the last year has again been record breaking. This increase in flight hours is welcome news to our aircraft owners as their individual balance sheets are improving which allows them more flexibility (or simply the “ability”) to invest in capital improvements to their aircraft (i.e. new interiors, GPS/glass, etc).

I mentioned this last report (over two years ago) but for some reason, I must mention it again and as a courtesy for the 500 or so new members who did not have the ability to read my last report during my last term. As owners look to upgrade their prized possessions, a disturbing trend we are seeing in some aircraft is a general lack of respect by some members for the aircraft they fly. Examples of such are a) members leaving trash (water bottles, old charts, coffee cups, etc) on the floors and seat pockets, b) taking pets on board and leaving animal hair and dander on the back seats, c) ink marks left on vinyl seats due to pens being left in pants pockets, d) broken seat belt holders, broken door and window latches (if it doesn’t close, slam it harder?). Simple items like this do not promote or help an owner make the decision to invest $25,000 or more in their aircraft. We are pretty sure that a majority of these issues are being done by a small minority or members. With that said, if you see someone misusing an aircraft, report it to Operations. If you find garbage strewn all over the place, management asks that you pick it up and report to Operations so we address it with the previous renter. We’ll never fix it all, but with every member helping out, we can help make EVERY member’s flying experience more pleasurable. Lastly, I remind all that when you rent an aircraft, you are not renting a 1982 Buick (my apologies to any 1982 Buick owners out there). Most of the aircraft you are renting have a value comparable to a nice sports car. Some aircraft values in our fleet are comparable to a Ferrari or even an Aston Martin (e.g. Cirrus SR-22). I mention that to hopefully remind all members to be conscious of that and treat the aircraft as if they own them. All will benefit in the end.

Aircraft scheduling and "schedule abuse" is a never ending battle between Plus One Flyers management, owners, and members. There are the standard scheduling DOs and DONTs that everyone should adhere to. Many are common sense but you would all be amazed at the number of issues we have in this area.


  • Schedule only the amount of time you need for your activity, 

  • Cancel your reservation as soon as you know you cannot use it. 

  • Cancel your schedule promptly after you flight so the aircraft is available for the next 

  • Cancel your reservation if you are not going to use it as soon as you know 

  • Call the next member on the schedule in the event of a maintenance cancellation 


  • Schedule an aircraft for another member (CFIs and owners)

  • Reserve a long term schedule (full day or more) to "guarantee" availability for your flight 
sometime during the day 

Last Words

Our business plan continues to be successful. I remind our membership (especially our newer members) that although we like to refer to Plus One Flyers as a club, we operate it as a business. This model continues to serve us well by applying sound business practices with critical oversight by our experienced and knowledgeable Board of Directors and Officers. With this plan in place, we will continue to be the most successful flight club in the United States. 

Please enjoy the great SoCal weather and go do some flying! 



Lawrence Massaro

President, Plus One Flyers, Inc.


Plus One Flyers Summer 2017 Newsletter

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 16:49


 The Plus One Flyer

Newsletter of Southern California's Premier Flying Club 
San Diego County, California 

  Summer 2017 Edition

About the Let's Go Fly Committee

Friday, 04 August 2017 13:08


The Let's Go Fly Committee was formed at the Board of Directors meeting on January 19, 2017. Board Member Tom Reid volunteered to chair the committee and John Scott and Hugo Fuentes became the charter committee members. As of the July 20 board meeting, the committee's Facebook Group had over 120 members and was continuing to grow. The group currently has two events planned, a Happy Hour Social on August 9th at 6pm at Casa Machado, and a fly-in to Santa Monica on August 12th.

For more information see the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/plusoneflyers/.

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