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24 May

I'm Dave Gordon and am an owner director in the club. The board of directors is made up of 2/3 owners and 1/3 non-owners. When I first became a member of the BOD more than twenty years ago, I was a non-owner and a few years later morphed into an owner director when I bought into a partnership in N133BW. Since then, I've owned seven different aircraft all of which were leased to the club. Currently, four of those aircraft are actively flying in the club. I am a part owner of N756RA (the replacement for 3BW). I believe 6RA is the best Cessna 182RG rental in California – or perhaps the US (admittedly I'm a bit biased). My partners and I just put it online and she’s beautiful. I also own N3386E, N4922D and N172RW, three very cool C172’s (again I'm a bit biased). While I've always loved airplanes and wanted to learn to fly ever since my uncle took me flying as a little boy. However, the first opportunity I had to learn to fly was just before I retired from the Navy in the mid 1990's. I used to drive nuclear submarines for a living and when the cold war ended, they told me I couldn't do that anymore so I had to find a new three-dimensional hobby and took up flying. Getting my instrument rating was pretty intuitive after all those years navigating under water. Since then I've accumulated about 1200 hours. It would be a lot more if I could count the number of hours as a passenger in the back of United aircraft.

I believe Plus One is one of the best deals available for pilots to enjoy flying. It takes a great deal of effort by a relatively small group of folks to keep the club running. Our directors and officers strive to keep the club running so the members can have good airplanes to fly at reasonable cost. The club operates with great synergy and need both owners and non-owner members. The club would not exist without both.

One of the most serious threats to the viability of the club is inattention to safety (or temporary lapse in judgement). Another concern is to make sure we have an airport to operate from. KSEE, KRNM and KCRQ provide relatively good homes for our club because they are run by the county and support our club and related businesses being able to operate out of those airports. However, at KMYF, run by the City of San Diego, we have some concerns and challenges. With the help of a few other club folks, I have been working with other businesses at the airport to try to keep the City officials in check and make sure we have a place to base our aircraft and our club. As a director, I try to keep all of the members (owners and non-owners) interests in mind.

We have a number of sub-committees that supplement our bi-monthly board of directors meetings. In addition to my duties as a board member, I also serve on the IDP committee and the reinstatement committee. Any member is welcome to attend the open part to the BOD meetings and if you are so inclined feel free to join us. Any member can also volunteer to be involved and serve on any of the committees.

As an owner director I represent all club members. You are welcome to contact me concerning any questions about my aircraft or about the club business.

Term Expiration: 30 June 2018

24 May

CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI. Available 7 days a week out of MYF. Flight and ground instructor for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks. Contact to schedule at (503) 851-8802 or via email at olds8215@pacificu.edu.

23 May

Cessna Skylane N756RA is the best equipped, most cost effective cross country aircraft in the Plus One Flyers fleet!

18 May

Board of Directors Meeting 7/20, 6:30pm

15 May

 • 2003 180hp

• 1400 Hrs. since new

• Dual GNS 430W, GI106A, GTX 345 (ADSB in/out), GMA 340 audio panel, Flight Stream 210

•  S-TEC 55X Dual Axis Autopilot, auto elec. trim

• Tan leather interior

• Wing tip strobe lights

 Contact Bryan Lake: 808 347 0799,  Randy Lake 619 994 7132, John Lake 619 980 7654


09 May

Available on weekends and every other Friday, all locations. At the moment, I don't have much time for instruction, but would be more inclined to do checkouts or flight reviews. Cell: (760) 832-3480, Email: bartlett.tm@gmail.com

02 May
All aviation members of our community are invited to attend the “Aerospace and Aviation Forum” which will be held on Thursday, May 11, 2017, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at
02 May


N54502 is a Newer model C-172P with brand new prop so paved runway only. She recently received a major avionics upgrade include Garmin GTN 650 touch screen WAAS GPS, Garmin 340 Audio panel, GTX 330ES ADS-B transponder. The Garmin GPS will display Traffic (TIS), Terrain (TAWS), taxi information and airport directory. In addition you'll have dual VOR/LOC/GS and a generous 110-knot limitation for 10 degree flap setting (instead of the usual 85) making this SKyhawk the perfect instrument training aircraft. Timed approaches will be a breeze.

I personally flew this plane with my CFI from Washington State. This Skyhawk can fly hands-off for minutes at a time; no heavy wing on either side. My instructor comment this as the best rigged Cessna he's ever flown, and he personally took the plane for a test ride to Phoenix and got 115+ TAS. Also the radio shop that installed the upgrade commented that 502 was "incredibly clean" behind the panel showing that she had been lovingly cared for over the years and they finish the job ahead of schedule.

Come fly this beautiful Cessna, I think she'll quickly become one of the club favorites with how she is equipped and the rate I am offering at.