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21 Apr
Certified Flight Instructor- Gold Seal CFI/ CFII/MEI, Cirrus CSIP.  Part 141 Check Airman, 135 and Corporate Operational background, with extensive Unimproved/Off Field/Mexico experience. Advance cockpit, G500/600/G1000 and Cirrus Perspective. Call for scheduling 619-548-7211   MYF CRQ SEE
05 Apr

Located behind Plus One office. Low-time classic style in original condition with newer factory engine & new Garmin 650 touchscreen GPS & dual glideslopes. . . . . . 

A few highlights / features of this plane:

- A current database is maintained for the latest technology GPS, the Garmin GNS 650.

- A standby vacuum source system (PreciseFlight brand) is installed as an additional safety measure when flying in IMC.

- Enjoy the sound and performance of the (PowerFlow brand) tuned exhaust system.  

- A result of the low airframe hours, let go of the yoke and this tight plane won't wonder, so she's a great IFR trainer.

- A 4 place intercom is installed. The back seat passengers have headset plugs in the overhead.

- Fully articulating (Rosen brand) sun visors are mounted in place of the stock "flip down" type.

- Also fully articulating, are the (Precise-Flow brand) upper cockpit air vents to keep you cool and comfortable.


So. . . Go-N-Fly !! . .

For ANY questions, please text me directly for an immediate response @ 619-995-5040. Thanks-